In 1939 the Mercury models had serial numbers in the 10,000's. The remaining numbers indicated the production number within the month. YAMAHA Xeno YSL-882 Tenor Bass Trombone Bb/F Yellow Brass w/ Case EMS Tracking. With acoustic guitars, the serial number is usually written somewhere in the sound cavity of the guitar. YSL-620/640. This article contains information about the Trombone. Free mainland UK delivery. Less well known is the Custom Bb Cornet built in 1990 for Japanese trumpet artist Terumasa Hino. To find the production year, you have to make a rough estimate. Find great deals on eBay for conn serial numbers. If you want to know the production year of your Yamaha guitar,you can decipher it with the serial number decoder, or find it in explanation about the dating system below. Yamaha trombone ysl 354 serial number. On electric guitars, the serial number is generally stamped or punched on the headstock. 1954 Trombone and trumpet serial number lists merged; 1955 production moved from LA to Fullerton (between 149,6xx, 150,3xx) 1956 eliminated large-shank mouthpiece receiver on cornetss (189,611) 1958 redesigned Ambassador cornets & trumpets. Trombones produce sound as they are extended and contracted. The first Minerva (#2722) was manufactured in 1958. From 1987 on, the two-digit prefix number plus 50 will give you the year of manufacture. Intermediate Tenor Trombones with F Attachment. As a result, there are four different serial number ranges for Yamaha pianos. The first Minerva (#2722) was built in 1958. If the serial number begins with an "H", the piano was manufactured in Hangzhou, China. If the serial number begins with a "U", the piano was manufactured in South Haven, Michigan. Trombone Sources: Allied Supply Music Trader Conn Loyalist Piccolo serial numbers generally appear near either end of the body of the piccolo, on the back of the instruments. Maybe this has finally … I am not a musician. If the serial number begins with a "T", the piano was manufactured in Thomaston, Georgia. Custom Xeno Bass Trombones. Price: $8,699.00 RRP. Bach Trombone Serial Number Strike If you'd like one of the Conn trombones we have in stock, but with a custom slide, we can set that up. H. N. White Co. -- King Serial Number