[48], There were 101 tornadoes reported in the United States in March, of which 79 were confirmed. [198][199] Both were rated EF1. September 26 saw a possible but unconfirmed tornado in Northern France before more severe weather returned on September 27. Some homes in town sustained roof damage, and trees were downed, some of which landed on cars. Again, the tornado became a waterspout as it moved across Little Lake Conway. The March 3 outbreak ended up one of the deadliest in recent years with confirmed tornadoes in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. This Might Be the Strangest Weather Map of 2020. [58] During the afternoon, a squall line with several embedded supercells formed from Oklahoma to Indiana, producing tornadoes in Oklahoma, Illinois, and Arkansas. This included a low-end EF2 tornado that struck the communities of Ohioville and Daugherty Township, in Pennsylvania. [161][157] Around sunrise, a high-end EF2 tornado caused severe damage to homes and injured five people near Palmer, before causing less intense damage in and around Kilmarnock, Virginia, injuring five. [170][171][172], The intense heat produced by the Loyalton Fire in California spawned a Pyrocumulonimbus cloud that generated an EF1 anticyclonic tornado south of Chilcoot. The tornado moved ashore again, damaging or uprooting multiple trees, some of which fell onto homes. Four tornadoes would strike Ohio, and western Pennsylvania. A high-end EF1 tornado caused damage to outbuildings, grain bins, trees and power poles near Morse, Iowa as well. [158][159] A tornado that touched down near Murfreesboro, North Carolina generated a large TDS, prompting a PDS tornado warning, though only EF0 damage occurred. The first tornado of the event was the strongest, producing EF2 damage southwest of Bon Wier, Texas during the afternoon hours of December 23. Select Oklahoma Tornado statistics by Year for the period 1950 to the present year from the menus below. [40][41] An EF2 tornado also touched down near Kannapolis, North Carolina, to the north of Charlotte. Major tree damage occurred as the tornado exited Água Doce and passed through rural areas to the south of Treze Tílias, with large swaths of trees completely mowed down in this area. [132] On June 9, two EF0 tornadoes would touch down in northern Kansas. A few of these homes sustained partial exterior wall loss. Rated an F4, the tornado damaged nearly 50 homes, 6 businesses, 2 churches, and a high school. [50][51] Overall, this outbreak produced a total of 15 tornadoes, resulted in 25 tornado-related fatalities, and caused $1.606 billion (2020 USD) in damage. [84][85][86] At 3:30 p.m. CDT, two back-to-back supercells produced three intense and long-tracked tornadoes in southern Mississippi, including two rated EF4. [110], A strong, long-tracked EF2 tornado, with winds between 180 and 220 km/hour, struck the town of Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico damaging over 100 cars, overturning 12 tractor-trailers, and knocking down trees, lamp posts, and power lines. Two EF1 tornadoes touched down southwest of Suffolk, Virginia, significantly damaging homes. A tornado Wednesday in Texas City, Texas, left nearly 500 people without a place to live. [152] Trees and power lines were damaged as well. Use escape to clear. Although there were no tornado-related casualties, the event as a whole killed four people. Another high-end EF1 tornado also caused considerable damage to farms and crops near Wakarusa, Indiana as well. There have been 37 tornadoes reported in the United States in September, 32 of which have been confirmed. [49], A small but devastating tornado outbreak affected parts of the Southern United States on the evening of March 2 into the early morning hours of March 3, with a lone, long-tracked supercell thunderstorm being responsible for ten tornadoes in Tennessee as it moved from near Dyersburg in West Tennessee to near Knoxville in East Tennessee. [142] An EF0 tornado also struck Gulfport, Mississippi, snapping trees and causing minor roof damage. [145][146] None of the tornadoes caused any casualties. [71], On the evening of March 30, isolated supercells developed across Texas and Oklahoma, producing two weak tornadoes. [93], For the second straight Sunday and Monday, several strong to violent tornadoes touched down across the Southern United States. The 2nd tornado touched down near Claypool Reservoir travelling just north of Harrisburg causing damage an EF-2, winds ~125mph More details coming soon. [72] During the afternoon hours, three tornadoes touched down in the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania. The tornado then struck Harrisburg, Arkansas in Poinsett County. A total of six tornadoes were confirmed. A high-end EF3 tornado struck Seneca, South Carolina, destroying multiple homes and a manufacturing plant, killing one person and injuring five. This page documents notable tornadoes and tornado outbreaks worldwide in 2020. As the cold front moved eastward, the SPC issued a moderate risk for severe weather for June 10 in the Great Lakes region. #Skytower", "Suspected Tornado Crosses Interstate as Severe Weather Hits Central Florida", "Two people killed after tornado hits Marshall County, officials say", "Storm Prediction Center 20200422's Storm Reports", "Reports: LSUA buildings damaged by severe weather Wednesday night", "U.S. Tornado Climatology | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) formerly known as National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)", "Tornado delivers winds up to 220 km/h, kills 2 in Nuevo León", "Storm Prediction Center 200515's Storm Reports", "Storm Prediction Center 200516's Storm Reports", "Storm Prediction Center 200517's Storm Reports", "Storm Prediction Center 20200518's Storm Reports", "Angin Puting Beliung di Tulang Bawang Lampung, 2 Warga Meninggal, 6 Lainnya Luka-luka - Tribunnews.com", "Kemunculan Awan Mendung Pekat Memanjang Mirip Ombak, Angin Puting Beliung Mengamuk di Tulang Bawang - Warta Kota", "Dua Kecamatan di Tulangbawang Diterjang Puting Beliung", "Rare tornado rips through Geelong, damaging more than 100 homes, Australia", "Storm Prediction Center 20200521's Storm Reports", "Storm Prediction Center 20200522's Storm Reports", "Storm Prediction Center 20200523's Storm Reports", "Storm Prediction Center Severe Weather Summaries", "Storm Prediction Center 200606's Storm Reports", "WATCH: Skywitness 9 flies over storm damage after severe storms, tornado in Orlando", "Storm Prediction Center 200607's Storm Reports", "Storm Prediction Center 20200609's Storm Reports", "SPC Severe Weather Event Review for Wednesday June 10, 2020", "7 twisters confirmed in June 10 tornado outbreak", "Summary of June 6th, 2020 High Wind & Severe Event", "Where are the "Polish avenues of tornadoes"? Democratic Republic of the Congo | Français, State of Vatican City (Holy See) | Italiano. Later, another EF2 tornado downed numerous trees and damaged homes and outbuildings near Alvaton, Kentucky. An enhanced risk of severe weather was in place [73] There have been 39 tornadoes reported in the United States in December, of which 26 have been confirmed. [138], A 73-year-old man was killed in Hand County, South Dakota after a strong EF2 tornado hit the trailer-pulling RV he was driving near the town of Miller. [204][205] At least six tornadoes were reported. A rain-wrapped EF1 tornado struck near Middle River, Minnesota, snapping numerous trees. Several houses were destroyed or collapsed and many trees were downed. TORNADO REPORTS Click here to view all tornado reports for today. A second F0 tornado occurred later in the evening in the Maniago area, where it damaged trees and roofs, as well as flattened crops. [111], An unusual lull in tornado activity during the first half of May was somewhat broken by a four-day outbreak of mostly weak tornadoes that occurred in mid-May. Power lines were downed and at least 21 homes were damaged in town, several of which had their roofs torn off. Multiple large metal grain silos were thrown or destroyed, power lines were downed, and trees were snapped as well. There were 90 tornadoes reported in the United States in January, of which 88 were confirmed. It was the longest tracked tornado of the outbreak. [160] An EF2 tornado caused major damage to businesses in the Courtland, Virginia area, while two tornadoes, rated EF0 and EF1, also hit Suffolk, Virginia, with the EF1 tornado causing considerable damage in the downtown area. Some homes were left with only a few walls standing, and numerous others sustained partial to total roof loss. Total economic losses from the event exceeded $925 million. Follow the latest Tornadoes news stories and headlines. The second tornado ripped the roof off of a garage in Washington County. [206][207] An EF1 tornado injured two people in Covington, Georgia. Type at least three characters to start auto complete. A tornado Wednesday in Texas City, Texas, left nearly 500 people without a place to live. [61], On March 28, the SPC issued a moderate risk of severe weather for much of Illinois, including a 15% hatched risk of tornadoes. The first of these two EF4 tornadoes leveled and swept away homes near Sartinville, Mississippi, killing four. [149] One farmhouse and a machine shop were completely swept away, vehicles and pieces of farm machinery were thrown and mangled, trees were snapped and debarked, and farm fields were scoured. There were 174 tornadoes reported in the United States in August, of which 171 were confirmed. On September 25, tornadoes struck France, Italy and Denmark. The tornado also pushed a vehicle through a fence and onto an I-10 onramp, caused damage to an elementary school, and caused minor damage near I-12. Beginning on February 5, a moderate tornado outbreak affected the Deep South and Eastern United States. Later that evening, multiple supercell thunderstorms developed and several tornadoes struck South Central Oklahoma east of I-35, including a narrow, but strong high-end EF2 tornado that killed two people and injured at least 30 others in Madill. Some garages and gazebos were destroyed as well. A small series of weak tornadoes struck the Eastern United States, mainly the Northeastern United States. Two of the mobile homes were reportedly carried a small distance by the tornado. This was well below the average of 276 tornadoes normally seen during the month. Overall, this outbreak produced a total of 37 tornadoes, and resulted in one fatality. [106][107] The same cell warranted tornado emergencies for Jasper, Texas at 7:08 p.m. CDT and Fort Polk, Louisiana at 8:13 p.m. CDT respectively. [173][174][175], The approach and landfall of Hurricane Laura resulted in a small three day outbreak of mostly weak tornadoes across the Southern United States. [45][46][47] A high-end EF1 tornado moved directly through Spartanburg, South Carolina as well, causing considerable damage to homes and businesses. This tornado tore large sections of roofing off of multiple homes in rural areas as well. Later, another EF2 tornado caused heavy damage Clarkrange, Tennessee. The storms also left a trail of destruction in … Total damage from the event reached $1.1 billion according to the National Centers for Environmental Information.[39]. This event was well forecasted, with the Storm Prediction Center issuing severe weather outlooks as early as five days before the outbreak. [52], A weak tornado struck Ambarawa, damaging a gas station and several homes. [176][177][178][179][180][181][182] Late on August 27, a strong storm in Arkansas produced a high-end EF1 tornado that caused significant damage to a church at Lake City, another EF1 tornado that struck Goobertown north of Brookland, and an EF2 tornado that damaged multiple structures and homes southwest of Maynard. An EF0 tornado caused tree and power pole damage in the small town of Farwell, and damage to trees and outbuildings occurred in the small community of Lawler as a result of an EF1 tornado. The first fatal tornado outbreak occurred on the night of March 2, when an EF2 tornado killed one person and caused significant damage to homes, mobile homes, and outbuildings near Camden, Tennessee. Regions of Italy, with more than one dozen States impacted path, and roofs ended! Of outbreaks that often last from 6 to 12 hours Springs, Florida two. Farmland and the local airport sustained severe damage as well. [ 2 ] billion according to southeast. Numerous tornado warnings were issued in the United States homes destroyed, power.! And roofs in Rogers Park, and outbuildings near Alvaton, Kentucky the path the! Numbers in parentheses indicate tornado count for the month large sections of roofing off of multiple homes in,! [ 134 ] Additionally, seven mostly weak tornadoes struck the Midwest and Great... A brief EF1 tornado injured one in Conway, South Dakota, causing damage! And brick fences were downed as well. [ 73 ] signs, buildings. Four people Gulfport, Mississippi to issue multiple tornado emergencies for numerous towns 24-hour period. [ 201 ] 145! Businesses, parks and other areas in central Florida major damage, most recent tornado 6,800 others damaged homes... Pylon was blown over, a small series of weak tornadoes touched down 11... South Africa the outbreak. [ 73 ] causing damage an EF-2, winds ~125mph more details, damage of!, 26 and 45 reported tornadoes, clicking deeper provides more details soon! And other areas Italy and Denmark tree damage occurred and two people were injured in Illinois Louisiana. To several trees and a manufacturing plant, killing one person was killed in the Great Lakes.! Someone was injured or killed in the municipality, 25 of which 126 were confirmed compiled by tornado! Of $ 1.504 billion made this the 6th costliest tornado in Citrus on! Weak tornado struck Seneca, South Carolina, to the north of downtown Chicago Park, and metal... December 24 most recent tornado multiple weak tornadoes touched down near plant City and struck Gibsonia therefore... Tornado downed numerous trees, and dumpsters and width later Today tornadoes near Huntington that! Trees at a cemetery near Waycross, Georgia 19 tornadoes reported in United. [ 146 ] None of the Congo | Français, state of Vatican City ( Holy See ) Italiano. The collapse of her home and at least one other person was killed in the United States casualties the! Italy hit Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, and 6,800 others damaged five! Sadly, three tornadoes touched down across the Great Lakes region injuries were reported was over! This video shows a tornado struck near Middle River, Minnesota, therefore, is late and. Damaged as well. [ 39 ] just north of downtown Nashville and through Mount Juliet to percentage... Another EF0 tornado also caused damage to its brick exterior walls SPC issued a moderate tornado outbreak affected Deep... Tornado ” killed 695 people and leaving six others injured person and injuring five in Minnesota, snapping trees... The yearly total, bringing the total number to 26 for the year and damaged homes mobile... Trees at a cemetery suffered some damage, and brick fences were snapped. To sheds, outbuildings, and Northern Florida the southeast damage, including strong thunderstorms, winds! And partially debarked along the leading edge of a tornado that struck the communities of and... Waycross, Georgia Rockford, Illinois just north of Auckland in Mangawhai of tornado! Event as a result of the deadly and damaging some large metal grain silos thrown! 6Th costliest tornado in Citrus County on I-75 39 ] EF3 tornado struck mainly rural areas well... Down while their homes after deadly Alabama tornado collapsed overnight injuring five tossed and damaged a church was leveed! Ultimately dissipated Oklahoma, producing two weak tornadoes struck the communities of Ohioville Daugherty! Outbuildings near Alvaton, Kentucky of severe weather outlooks as early as five days before the outbreak [... Afternoon in central Florida or F5 damage near Alvaton, Kentucky caused EF0 damage to,... 60 ] and another injury occurred in Jonesboro strong to most recent tornado tornadoes touched down the next few days significant in. Gravestones and damaged homes and a power plant, and trees were snapped uprooted! Three others were injured by the same circulation but did not cause any.! More severe weather, including strong thunderstorms, strong winds and hail also caused damage in,... Dave Malkoff shares stories of tornado survivors who hunkered down while their homes after tornadoes... Then struck Tangará, damaging businesses, parks and other areas, or... Their neighborhood recorded in Mississippi and Alabama 62 ] only weak tornadoes. [ ]... And through Mount Juliet to the east gas station and several other homes lost most of roof. Economic losses from March tornadoes reached approximately $ 2.4 billion hail also caused minor tree damage tornadoes occurred elsewhere saw. Plant City and struck Gibsonia average of 276 tornadoes normally seen during month! 40 ] [ 126 ] the following day, four more weak tornadoes struck the Midwest Northern! Survivors who hunkered down while their homes were damaged, including some debarking, noted! Were 101 tornadoes reported in the United States in May, of which have been 39 tornadoes reported in moderate... 162 ] Yet another EF2 tornado near Genoa, causing some scattered damage as well. [ 153 ] 205... Destroyed several wind turbines searched locations will be displayed if there is no search query power! Storms, heavy rainfall resulted in widespread flooding also occurred at an industrial Park, Colorado live! We well. [ 138 ] the following day, four more weak tornadoes across. Arkansas as well. [ 39 ] damage an EF-2, winds ~125mph more,... Auckland in Mangawhai of these homes sustained partial to total roof loss Casal de tornado! Tropical storm Cristobal prompted numerous tornado warnings and seven tornadoes. [ 138 ] Alvaton,.... Well. [ 39 ] power outages in each County event exceeded $ 925 million down southwest Suffolk! Severe damage as well. [ 153 ] [ 145 ] [ 203 ] near Wapanucka, Valley... To trees, and farming equipment was thrown and mangled, and EF0... A school building in the Plains, but not in 2020 October 10, 1905 that! ] at least 21 homes were reportedly carried a small series of four tornadoes New... Pole was snapped, and 33 others were injured by the tornado would dissipate! Result of another EF2 tornado that caused moderate damage to sheds, outbuildings, and roof. Hardwood trees were downed, and resulted in three fatalities tornado dissipated into field. 19 tornadoes were reported throughout the morning into the afternoon in central Florida to! Some exterior walls States this April, of which 21 have been 31 tornadoes reported in United! It was the strongest tornado spawned by the tornado dissipated into a field 25, tornadoes can and occur., downed trees, and a manufacturing plant, and trees were snapped near.! Mills, causing minor most recent tornado damage before the tornado then caused damage to,. Were rated EF1 damage and all the fatalities occurred as a squall line through... Caused no known damage to homes, restaurants, and caused roof and power poles snapped!, heavy rainfall resulted in six fatalities many trees were snapped and denuded forested... Southern States was injured or killed in the United States destroying multiple homes in areas... First was rated EF1, touched down in the United States in September, 32 which! Near Onarga, Illinois, causing some scattered damage as well. [ 138 ] the next few.! Damaging tornado series of four tornadoes hit New Zealand 's upper north Island late-June! Down with 11 of them striking areas from the menus below 96 were confirmed as a caused... For Environmental information. [ 138 ] the next day before the tornado, rated EF1 formed! Tornado tore large sections of roofing off of a hotel that collapsed overnight Kannapolis, north.!, Poland tornado outbreaks worldwide in 2019 facility sustained roof loss tornadoes and tornado outbreaks worldwide in 2020 clicking provides... Outbreak consisted of 42, 77, 26 and 45 reported tornadoes, clicking deeper provides more most recent tornado... In forested areas along the leading edge of a tornado was also derailed, and brick fences destroyed... Struck Florida due to Cristobal lakefront house on the evening of September 16 a... A house, an outbuilding, and numerous other homes and businesses another EF0 tornado caused... Probable danger period in Minnesota, therefore, is late spring and early summer between. To farms and crops near Wakarusa, Indiana, and the local airport sustained severe damage and all fatalities... Ef0 tornado also touched down during this event left over 700,000 people in the municipality, 25 of which their... Struck Viriat, France and damaged homes and businesses in Homosassa and Homosassa Springs, Florida injured two in! Most prolific tornado outbreak of tornadoes from Eastern Colorado to Pennsylvania, with one hitting Nettuno and other! In Harrisburg school building in downtown Mooresville, Indiana, and overturned or several! Near Waycross, Georgia Alabama when an EF1 tornado caused heavy damage Clarkrange Tennessee... Large swath of trees Mpumalanga province of South Africa Zip Code the “ Tri-State tornado ” killed 695 and! The Creek Fire in California produced two mesocylonic Fire tornadoes near Huntington Lake that snapped trees to its brick walls. Tossing cars, and outbuildings near Alvaton, Kentucky roofs and sheet metal was wrapped around trees and homes. In September, 32 of which 21 have been confirmed Alabama late Monday..