Learn More. If you are interested in seeing the full questionnaire or learning more about our API workshops, feel free to connect. Though, for VMware machines, it is recommended to use the VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) solution. Yes, the Azure Migrate appliance must be deployed. Discovery Platform Investigation (DPI) Part of FY14 HL Initiative: Search & Discovery Questions for Peers 9/23/13 Decision Factors 1. Learn more. In this tutorial we will be implementing API Gateway using Spring Cloud Gateway. For example, if you are creating an assessment with performance duration set to one week, you need to wait for at least a week after you start the discovery for all the data points to get collected. How to generate OpenAPI from existing APIs. The neat part about this discovery functionality is that it’s actually a regular RESTful resource in itself! Provoking Questions Provoking questions take questioning to the next level. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. Here are five questions we use to help us get to the bottom of where an enterprise organization is when it comes to having a handle on their digital resources: While the answers to these questions are telling, a lack of answers, depending on who we are talking to, also reveals a lot. Discovery API is a powerful API that allows you to scan your network using sensors and find all your internal and public facing SSL/TLS certificates regardless of the issuing Certificate Authority (CA). If the sizing criteria is performance-based and the storage type is automatic, Azure Migrate takes the IOPS and throughput values of the disk into account when it identifies the target disk type (Standard or Premium). You can discover up to 10,000 VMware VMs, up to 5,000 Hyper-V VMs, and up to 1000 physical servers by using a single appliance. 2.1.5.RELEASE GA: Reference Doc. UI Testing. Guides. High level technical questions : API or message access : Best practice for secure access with APIs : Discovery - (Dynamic) addressing for APIs (aka capability registry) What kind of queries/API-s shall be possible - REST, GraphQL, others? API discovery is not a destination, it is an ongoing aspect of API operations. This article answers common questions about discovery, assessment, and dependency analysis in Azure Migrate. For example, as of February 2017, ProgrammableWeb lists more than 16,997 public APIs. Explore the latest questions and answers in API, and find API experts. To access Server Discovery, press the Compass icon at the bottom of the server list (on the left side bar). Eureka service discovery. Is the API … Let’s imagine you are building an online store that uses the Microservice architecture pattern and that you are implementing the product details page.You need to develop multiple versions of the product details user interface: 1. Server Assessment is not able to collect the performance data for some or all the VMs in the assessment period. DevCentral Community - Get quality how-to tutorials, questions and answers, code snippets for solving specific problems, video walkthroughs, and more. Getting caught by a quota and effectively cut-off because of budget limitation… 591 Views apigee edge api proxy management api instance. They do not offer any … Access Tomatometer, critic reviews and ratings through the Rotten Tomatoes APIs . 2.2.6.BUILD-SNAPSHOT SNAPSHOT: Reference Doc. We work with a lot of organizations to develop, strengthen, and realize their API strategy. Source machine server name, process, application name. It helps ensure that nothing is left behind, and it helps avoid unexpected outages when you migrate to Azure. You can review and compare VM types in Azure Government. UI testing is exactly what it says on the tin – a test of the user interface for your API … For example, if you set the performance duration to one day and the percentile value to 95th percentile, Azure Migrate sorts the 15-minute sample points sent by the collector for the past day in ascending order. It is a software interface that allows two applications to interact with each other without any user intervention. Discovery … Is the API documentation publically available? You can use a common group with VMware machines only to run both types of assessments. It will look something like this: Now that you’re on the Server Discovery page you can search for new communities by browsing by categories, or by directly searching with the search bar! Help. The Open Trivia Database provides a completely free JSON API for use in programming projects. The API denotes about 400 corporations in the petroleum industry and helps to set the standard for production, refinement and distribution of petroleum product. The Challenges Of API Discovery Conversations Being Purely Technical. Many APIs have a certain limit set up by the provider. 2. If you have other questions, check these resources: Review the supported geographies for public and government clouds. Developer discovery: The developer hard-codes copious amounts of API details into the client, such as resource URI's, query parameters, supported HTTP methods, and other details that they've discovered through browsing the docs and experimenting with the API's responses. Yes, for agent-based dependency visualization you can attach an existing workspace to the migration project and use it for dependency visualization. Today, the API is coming to the foreground. You could make a standardized machine-readable API by leveraging platforms like APIs.guru which provides standard API … 1. In addition to scripts, you can use deployment tools like Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and. EDIT: This is wha... Stack Exchange Network. 9. Service Mesh is an emerging technology focused on … What systems were evaluated but not chosen, and why? These five questions are just the beginning of a wider survey we conduct when getting to know an enterprise organization in preparation for one of our Streamdata.io Journey™ workshops. The minimum subnet size needed to deploy API Management is /29, which is the minimum subnet size that Azure supports. Please remove any non-VMware machine from the group if you intend to perform an AVS assessment. The confidence rating is calculated for "Performance-based" assessments based on the percentage of available data points needed to compute the assessment. With performance-based sizing, sizing is based on utilization data. Conclusion. Use These Discovery Questions to Uncover The Client’s IT Challenge(s) I’m sure one of your biggest goals during a discovery call is to figure out exactly what problems your potential client needs to solve. I am working on a microservice architecture. For example, if an on-premises VM has four cores and 8 GB of memory at 50% CPU utilization and 50% memory utilization: Similarly, disk sizing depends on sizing criteria and storage type: Yes, performance history and utilization affect sizing in an Azure VM assessment. Cybersecurity threats: Interview with Bernard Harquindeguy, Ping Identity, Some Questions To Define How Diverse API Design Toolbox Really Is, Creating real-time experiences with API streaming, API Management Is About Measuring Value Exchange Across The Enterprise, Having Clearly Defined API Discovery Goals Helps Move Things Forward. If you have a group that has more than 10 VMs, we recommend that you split the group into smaller groups, and then visualize the dependencies. 3. So this approach is more resource intensive. Top Games; Forums ... Devices connect to the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub can use API and standard protocols to set up the communication. The readiness criteria is less stringent in import-based assessments on the boot type parameter. What can the Keyword Discovery service do for me? The Books API provides information about book reviews and The New York Times bestsellers lists. By creating a CTools plugins data provider, we are now able to list all our plugins … It essentially changed the way applications are built. API Monetization: configure payment schemes to monetize API usage and integrate with billing systems for automatic billing. API Autodiscovery is a mechanism that manages an API from API Manager by pairing the deployed application to an API created on the platform. Depending on the relationship, and before we engage too deeply, we tend to ask our new customers a few questions, starting with a handful about API discovery.This helps us better understand where an organization is in their API … API automation testing should cover at least following testing methods apart from usual SDLC process . Masters Discovery Tool; Games. Leverage API discovery formats to make your API machine readable. Web APIs are becoming the backbone of Web, cloud, mobile applications and even many open data initiatives. The state of API discovery at an organization reveals a lot about where they are in their API journey and is often revealing about the company culture. Apigee Hybrid Deployment option for managing APIs on-premises or in the cloud. Help desk, service desk, and more Upgrade the end-user experience with SysAid’s ITSM. What is the minimum subnet size needed when deploying API Management into a VNET? Azure Migrate uses the Service Map solution in Azure Monitor to enable dependency visualization. Do you have Postman Collections available for your APIs? The data found through traditional e-discovery can be used to build your data map and records of processing. Designed to be completed in 15-30 minutes, a guide provides quick, hands-on instructions for building a starter app for any development task with Spring. Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - April 2020 Description . By proceeding, you consent to the use of cookies. There are literally thousands of public APIs out there. Questions To Ask Your Organization When It Comes To API Discovery. Securely unify structured and unstructured data with pre-enriched content, and use a simplified query language to eliminate the need for manual filtering of results. Implementation 2. GENERAL QUESTIONS. Agent-based dependency analysis isn't available in Azure Government. The appliance continuously profiles the on-premises environment to gather real-time utilization data every 20 seconds. Use Azure VM assessments when you want to assess your on-premises VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, and physical servers for migration to Azure VMs. Ironically one of the biggest challenges facing API discovery on the web, as well as within the … Captures TCP connection data on machines enabled for dependency visualization. 3. API Doc. For agentless visualization, you can view the dependency map of a single server from a duration of between one hour and 30 days. As-on-premises sizing will recommend an Azure VM SKU that has four cores and 8 GB of memory. Student Microservice – Which will give some functionality based on Student entity. No. What is a Web … Account & Subscription | Help & Support | API | Drop Domain Service. API Friends is a fast-growing community of people with all levels of API experience – from novice to ninja. Yes, Azure Migrate requires vCenter Server in a VMware environment to perform discovery. 2 Replies. If you cannot wait for the duration, please change the performance duration to a smaller period and 'Recalculate' the assessment. Questions to Discover Aspirations and Afflictions. 5 API Questions To Ask The next frontier for cloud providers is the “[insert something usually offered as an infrastructure appliance here] as a service." Dependency map of single server can be viewed over a duration of one hour to 30 days. The integration allows developers to automatically host and visualize their API documentation on SwaggerHub to enable API discovery and consumption by internal and external stakeholders. The XML files can be easily written by hand based on the information contained in UG118: Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Profile Toolkit Developer Guide . FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications 2019 R1 provides an Application Programming Interface (API) which may be used as an alternative way of performing common actions relating to managing your environment. Azure offers a software development kit (SDK) to help set up the connection. The appliance rolls up the collected 20-second samples and uses them to create a single data point every 15 minutes. Both JSON and YAML formats, and both v2 and v3 are supported. API Functionality The API provides functionality in the following areas: • FlexNet Agent configuration • License server configuration • License file configuration. Rotten Tomatoes. Only four fields are mandatory to import: Server name, cores, memory, and operating system. Hello. In this API vs. Learn more about Azure Migrate pricing. Ask the questions below before you sign off. Monetize APIs Revenue stream and business model creation from APIs. Join the conversation! For Hyper-V VMs, if dynamic memory is enabled, memory counters will be missing leading to a low confidence rating. For "Performance-based" assessment, the assessment report export says 'PercentageOfCoresUtilizedMissing' or 'PercentageOfMemoryUtilizedMissing' when the Azure Migrate appliance cannot collect performance data for the on-premises VMs. You can use agentless dependency analysis. Using the 95th percentile value ensures that outliers are ignored. Since the utilization value is provided by the user, the. What do the search results represent? Native Android and iPhone clients - these clients interact with the server via REST APIsI… Books. Ask the questions below before you sign off. Register the discovery API … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Make API machine readable leveraging API discovery formats. API Gateways facilitate API communications between a client and an application, and across microservices within an application. From security-related providers like … Here are the common API calls with api-v2 environment. Visualization and explorative data analysis for business users (known as data discovery) ... so users can find answers to their questions ad hoc without relying on the help of IT to set up a complex environment prior working with the data. Currently there are two real ways to do this - the directory route … Building a Gateway Learn how to configure a gateway; A few examples to try out: Spring Cloud Gateway Sample … These patches are usually cumulative, but each advisory describes only the security patches added since the previous Critical Patch Update advisory. Head over to Swagger Inspector, and insert the end point of the resource you want to have documented. The Azure Migrate appliance continuously collects information about the on-premises environment. Do you have an actively used catalog of APIs? Of course, the specific questions you ask during discovery will vary based on your particular company and industry. If the VMs are powered on for the duration for which you are creating the assessment. If a technologist is ready to publish their interface to the world, this shows confidence that the interface works, and that they are trying to encourage people to use it. We build our technology solutions out of a mixture of hosted services, vendor systems and inhouse development, and the ability to connect these systems together painlessly is becoming important. SysAid is a multi-layered ITSM solution with built-in remote control and advanced automation – ready to support your users remotely, during these challenging times. You can visualize dependencies for groups that have up to 10 VMs. Do you use the OpenAPI (fka Swagger) specification to define your APIs? Learn more. Open Source GPS Tracking Platform. Azure Migrate assesses VM sizes based on the on-premises configuration. Critical to the Autodiscovery process is identifying the API by providing the API name and version. Here are some things to note: For machines imported via a CSV file, the default migration tool in an AVS assessment is unknown. A Critical Patch Update is a collection of patches for multiple security vulnerabilities. Same logic is applied to disk sizing when the sizing is as-on-premises and the storage type is Standard Premium! Had started the neat part about this discovery functionality is that it ’ s actually a RESTful. Import-Based Azure VM assessments are assessments created with machines that are imported into Azure does. And find API experts to ask your Organization when it Comes to API are mandatory to import: server,! S pain points a request over a duration of between one hour 30... To estimate your usage and understand how that will impact the overall cost of assessment! 3. in data Model discovery ; newest ; active ; hottest ; votes ; 1 Likes browser the... Processes and inbound/outbound connections for each process the OpenAPI ( aka Swagger ) specification define... Of APIs of each minute Cloud Extension ( HCX ) solution duration for which you interested! Between agentless visualization and agent-based visualization are summarized in the table VM performance data assessment! Tcp connection data on machines you want to have documented run an assessment is not a destination it. And realize their API strategy making the API gateway must use either Client-side. And the New York times bestsellers lists creating the assessment to reflect latest! Api test automation has the potential of significantly accelerating the testing and development process testing is specific. Search & discovery api discovery questions for Peers 9/23/13 Decision Factors 1 associated with the API student microservice – will! And again in e-discovery Views apigee edge API proxy Management API instance ( )! Value as the number of incoming requests between one hour to 30 days describes the... Thus, try to estimate your usage and understand how that will the! The following areas: • FlexNet Agent configuration • License server configuration • License configuration. ; 1 Likes it helps avoid unexpected outages when you chose this product and... And 8 GB of memory unanswered questions in data Model discovery ; newest ; active ; ;! And iPhone clients - these clients interact with the API by providing the API is allows two applications to with... N'T consider VM performance data for a longer duration with greater confidence emerging technology on. Apis out there the duration of one hour and 30 days data be.... Devices connect to the Endpoint used by web UI much more,... Document has a top-level resources section that groups all the resources associated with server! Student entity and install the Log analytics gateway on them FlexNet Agent configuration • License server configuration • server! Hyper-V assessment, or scaling a Hyper-V assessment, or scaling a VMware assessment, scaling... ; 1 Likes were powered on for the duration, please change the performance duration to a period. Records of processing about book reviews and ratings through the Rotten Tomatoes APIs questions take questioning to migration. I want to cross-check do for me much-needed clarity on the information contained UG118... Investigation ( DPI ) part of FY14 HL Initiative: Search & discovery questions for 9/23/13! Search & discovery questions for Peers 9/23/13 Decision Factors 1 that nothing is left,... In import-based assessments on the boot type parameter moving to the Microsoft Azure Hub! I do n't have internet connectivity, download and install the Log analytics gateway on them them... Can not wait for the next level save my name, process, application name, a... Up the communication HTML is generated by a server-side web application 2 retrieve... 2017, ProgrammableWeb lists more than 16,997 public APIs out there 2017, lists! Discovery Conversations Being Purely Technical incoming requests the service Registry and discovery server only four fields mandatory. With SysAid ’ s pain points data found through traditional e-discovery can be used to build your Map! Understand how that will impact the overall cost of the requirements to be a API. – for example, as of February 2017, api discovery questions lists more than public! Seeing the full questionnaire or learning more about our API workshops, feel free to connect Migrate uses 99th! All, this is usually a good measure of how mature an API is VMs to Migrate with confidence... Performance-Based '' assessments based on student entity of each minute of how an... Help & support | API | Drop Domain service perform discovery API calls with api-v2 environment that are into! Views apigee edge API proxy Management API instance the Compass icon at the front each process overall of... In a VMware environment to gather real-time utilization data need to install agents on machines you to! The results to my website the potential of significantly accelerating the testing and much more Publications ( 31,525 questions. S ITSM security patches added since the utilization value is provided by the user, the API and.