”, “Don’t worry, big brother, age is only a number. Happy birthday!”, “I hope your birthday’s a great one! Happy Birthday Quotes … I hope it’s enough to keep away the voices again this year. I can’t wait to see what you teach me this year! ”, “May the number of candles outnumber your gray hairs.”, “Wishing a happy birthday to someone who should probably start worrying about what the government is saying about Medicare.”, “I know you received so many birthday wishes yesterday, but who’s here with you today? ”, “Just for today, dear brother, I promise not to share anything embarrassing about you on social media. 3. They stink more the older they get. Oh man – that’s like, dead in dog years.”, “I would be so much more into your birthday if it were my birthday.”, “You know, I would be a whole lot more excited about you turning one year older if I was in your will. You’re one year closer to getting a senior citizen’s discount at the movies. funny 40th birthday quotes,This collection is about funny 40th birthday quotes,wishes,messages and sayings,etc. Have a lot of fun on your birthday, let’s remember that one day you were young and you were infinitely happy, but don’t forget to enjoy that you were never so old. Happy birthday!”, “Even though you’re far away, you will always be close to my heart. That awkward moment when people are singing Happy Birthday to you and you have no idea where to look. I will always be there for you – unless you want to jump out of a plane with only one parachute. It’ll make you feel less like a dinosaur.”, “I was going to send you a paper card, but my Internet connection came back just in time for me to send you his message.”, “Happy birthday to someone who has attended more birthday parties for kids than adults this year.”, “We’re so glad we can count you among the living for another year.”, “Happy birthday weekend! Happy birthday to my funny, my very good friend, may your day be as handsome and bright as you are may it brim with... 4. The lovely thing about being forty is that you can appreciate twenty-five-year-old men. You’re going to love it!”, “Happy birthday to someone who is officially so old, it’s creepy to watch teenage vampire movies.”, “I wanted to wish you a happy birthday today and let you know that I truly do look forward to honoring your request of not getting you a gift this year.”, “Happy birthday! Then I realized, having me as a friend is the best present anyone could ever ask for.”, “Happy birthday to a friend I’m pretty sure I would jump in front of a couple trains for.”, “Happy birthday, friend! Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory. 2. You’ll try to dye it, but that won’t do it, as every follicle starts to fall away! Happy birthday!”, “Happy birthday! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on a stone tablet or some ancient papyrus. ”, “I sincerely hope that you don’t take this early birthday message as a sign that you might not make it.”, “On your birthday, remember this: age is only a number that represents how attractive, happy and able-bodied you are. After searching far and wide, I realized that there’s no greater gift than my presence. yeah, you! Have a rocking day! I don't remember what for, but I'm still chasing them. Hey...'It's your 60th birthday!' Happy birthday!”, “You may not be getting any younger, but at least you’re still younger than me. Check out the list below. You’ve now reached an age where you can use the candles on your cake to light up your entire home. You know, when I turned two, I panicked because, in one year, I doubled my age. It’s been scientifically proven that too many birthdays will, in fact, kill you. I wish you a lovely day, not just today because it is your birthday, but all year round. Happy birthday.”, “Sending you lots of love and laughter on your birthday. On your Birthday, I am not going to tell you how you look because I don’t want to spoil your appetite for your favorite birthday cake.”, “Dear sister, please accept my congratulations for reaching the 15th anniversary of your 20th birthday.”, “This is my birthday wish for a sister who doesn’t want to hear that it’s her 35th birthday! Here’s to another year, cousin!”, “Happy birthday to someone whose party I won’t try to sneak out of early. Happy birthday, old guy!”, “Despite all our arguments (that I won) and all our misunderstandings (that I was right) you know that you are one the most beloved persons in my life. Here's raising a toast for your Happy Birthday! today is a special day To help you avoid those perils, we’ve put together this gigantic list of funny birthday wishes. Happy Birthday!”, “You are lucky I made all the mistakes for you first, dear sister. Got cake like everyday my birthday.-Lil Wayne Here are the best happy birthday quotes and birthday wishes to send someone! :)”, “One day I’ll repay you for all the headaches you’ve given me, but I’ll start that project tomorrow. My heart felt wishes and blessings are coming your way on the wonderful occasion of your birthday. Where is your birthday cake dear brother?? 35 Best Funny 40th Birthday Quotes.Sending birthday introductions has actually ended up being a required tradition these days. Because they’re really good at it. Get it? Second, I wish that you have a day that you'll remember forever with a smile. There are so many candles on your birthday cake – NASA can see it from space.”, “On your birthday, I hope you choose not to resist temptation. ”, “You’re such a special sister. I’m afraid a Happy Birthday is all you’re going to get.”, “Happy summer birthday! Haha, I’m laughing about them now but seriously, did you steal my legos that one time. I got you a pair of sunglasses this year, so you can protect your eyes from the blinding light of all these candles.”, “Happy birthday! We have millions of members all over the world.”. Birthdays come only once a year, so let us make it a day that is good to remember! And I hope to see you soon.”, “Dear older brother, I asked Mom and Dad to tell me about the day you were born. Can you even remember what that was like?”, “Alright, you can light the candles on your birthday cake now. Happy birthday! Studies show those who have more Birthdays live longer. I will pray that you receive more than you have hoped for this birthday. funny 50th birthday quotes for men,Here you will find the funniest and most hilarious birthday. It’s your birthday! Don’t forget to also read our list of funny birthday quotes that are sure to make you smile. I just wanted to let you know that today, on your birthday, I have all the respect in the world for you.”, “On your birthday, we ask that you kindly act your age – not your shoe size. -Colleen McCullough 3. It is time to party! We are all here today to wish you an amazing and memorable birthday! Smile and the world will smile back, Yea right – and jail is just a room!”, “Don’t be bummed about your birthday! You’re now living proof of the old saying that “Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men. There’s really only one true birthday. I’m sorry –truly.”, “For your birthday this year, I’m going to give you a piece of paper that might be worth $450 million – but is probably really worth nothing.”, “Happy birthday to someone who is so old and lonely, they could be the subject of a spooky Halloween ghost story.”, “May you live to be so old, handicapped stalls become a necessity and not just a spacious place to do your business.”, “I hope that you live to be so old, your family members talk about you like you’re not even there. Seeing as I’m older than you, it’s not a surprise that I can’t remember your age. . The best way to remember your 21st birthday, is not at all. May 24, 2019 - Explore Debbie Gray's board "Funny 50th birthday quotes", followed by 118 people on Pinterest. Wait, don’t be angry! :)”, “I never make any joke that is related to age. so let’s make today a day to remember! www.imdb.com. Happy birthday!”, “Happy birthday! Your cakes are always extra big to fit all of those candles. live it like you are the king of the world and don’t mind what others say, Now you are one more year older, Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. May you get so intoxicated, you forget how old you’re getting.”, “I hope your birthday is at least half as exciting as you portray it on Facebook and Instagram. Showing search results for "Funny Birthday Wishes For Man" sorted by relevance. Your email address will not be published. I'm still chasing girls. The wonderful thing about finally being over the hill is that you pick up speed.”, “Happy birthday, friend! So . You don’t look a day over whatever age you were just a few years ago.”, “Let’s go see Jurassic World. That’s complete nonsense… You’re special every day! “On your birthday, I just want to say I’m sorry for all the times in the past that I teased you, and ask for forgiveness for all … You’re not quite there yet, but you’re close. This year, you’ll probably need a flame thrower to light all of those candles. I never thought you’d live to see 30!”, “Happy birthday, friend! Funny Birthday Quotes Humer. Aging is the worst side effect of birthdays. sorry about that. Enjoy what little hair you have left!”, “Remember all those silly fights we had growing up? Thanks!”, “Happy birthday! Second, I wish that you have a day that you'll remember forever with a smile. I always believed in you.”, “You are the best man on earth and such a perfect brother. Show source. Just wait until next year.”, “Happy belated birthday! and we know you will be able to get through them! Your birthday! I feel so special for this.”, “It is not necessary to tell a best friend that they are the closest, best friend. Although I’m really not sure why we’re celebrating a day when your mother was the one who did all the work.”, “At your age, you should be in the Book of Old Records. And that’s because the word “you” is in “youth”. Famous 40th Birthday Quotes and Sayings. On your Big Day, I wish you lots of joy, fun, happiness, love and all other stuff that doesn‘t cost a thing…, Happy birthday! Have an incredible day! Just don’t try too hard to blow out your birthday candles this year. From here on out, all compliments will be followed by the phrase “for your age”. Look at you, all grown up… May you have a delicious and partylicious birthday! Let’s go out and celebrate you being one year closer to removing your age from your Facebook profile.”, “Congrats on reaching an age that makes your receding hairline seem appropriate.”, “Forgetting your birthday was merely an April Fool’s Joke. At your age, that would take a really long time.”, “What’s the one thing that goes up, but never comes down? ”, “You might get all the responsibility for being the older brother, but you have no idea how hard it is to be the favorite of the family. “, “As a close friend, I promise to celebrate your 29th birthday for as many years as you can get away with it.”, “Happy birthday, friend. At your age, “getting lucky” means being able to find your car in a parking lot.”, “Look, you’re really going to need the lungs of Hercules if you want to blow those candles out. Happy birthday.”, “Dear sister, do you know that with age, wisdom comes? Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Discover and share Funny 30th Birthday Quotes For Men. Just think about that for a second. Happy birthday!”, “On your birthday, I wish you enough air to blow out all of your candles. This list has great quotes and birthday wishes, happy birthday messages and greetings, and more. Be happy and remember that things could be worse. Now I have you. Happy birthday, big brother!”, “Do you know why I hate birthday greetings? Enjoy your birthday.”, “It is the duty of a true friend to make you remember, “Old is gold, my friend!””. Time flies so fast, and to think you were still a little boy yesterday… happy birthday wishes for the man you love, FRIEND BIRTHDAY WISHES | QUOTES | MESSAGES | PRAYERS | IMAGES, FUNNY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES | MESSAGES | PRAYERS | QUOTES | IMAGES, Birthday Wishes For Mom – Happy Birthday Wishes For Mom, Happy Birthday Auntie Wishes | Messages , Blessings & Greetings, Birthday Status For Me – Funny Happy Birthday Status For Me & Images, 14th August Wishes – Pakistan Independence Day Wishes & Cards, Happy Holi Wishes – Happy Holi Messages – Greetings & Pictures, Muharram Wishes – Muharram Greetings – Messages & SMS – Pictures, Eid Milad Un Nabi Wishes – Eid Milad Un Nabi Greetings – Cards & Images, Happy Navratri Wishes – Navratri Wishes In Hindi & Messages – Pictures. Know what they said? Or maybe something you actually want instead. Related Topics Let me help you cousin. Unfortunately, I accidentally ended up using all your wishes. Just 364 more days until you have to endure another barrage of birthday wishes.”, “Happy birthday. But not me. You’ve successfully stayed alive for another year, and believe me, a lot of us (I’m not going to say who) were wondering if you were really going to make it. Happy Birthday!”, “My Dear Sister, You are Mom’s Second Favorite Child… Guess Who is No. Not sure if you’re old yet? Birthdays are like cheese. May you continue to enjoy your 20s, dear cousin!”, “Just like a fine wine, we all get better with age. on FUNNY BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR MEN | MESSAGES | QUOTES | PRAYERS, “Forgetting your birthday was merely an April Fool’s Joke. Stanislaw Jerzy Lec. Happy birthday!”, “Happy birthday to a person that is smart, funny, witty, attractive and reminds me a lot of myself. ”, “Congratulations! Hope your year is better than those ears! People wish happiness all the time,They say “May all of your dreams come true”But I wanted to wish you true friendship and an amazing birthday! Now, I know you might think the toupee is a little bit over top but, seriously, it won’t be long now, big brother!”, “You are such a special younger sister, I don’t know who I would tease without You. Awesome Birthday, Bro!”, GET LATEST UPDATE ON… BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES, “Being younger than you hasn’t always been easy, but I have to say there’s nothing more satisfying than beating you in literally anything. - Franklin Pierce Adams. I know exactly what I’m going to get you next year: a bigger cake to fit all of those candles.”, “Congratulations on reaching an age where your back goes out more often than you do. It's your 60th birthday! ”, “Happy birthday to someone who is old enough to have had a Blockbuster card.”, “I hope that your birthday is the best it can possibly be for someone who can barely function in society.”, “You only look as old as the last selfie you took.”, “Happy birthday, babe! Enjoy your special day. The rest are simply anniversaries of the day of a person’s birth. To other people, this day may seem ordinary, but to us, it’s not!Happy birthday, buddy! Today, we add another candle to your cake, and your doctor will add another prescription to your arsenal of medication.”, “It’s normal to ponder your life’s purpose and to have a personal crisis on your birthday. You really would have loved the gift I never bothered to send you.”, “Happy birthday, friend! Thank goodness things don’t work this way.”, “Happy birthday to someone who thought they would have it all together by the time they reached this age.”, “You look great birthday girl – considering your age. On your birthday let’s promise to make this year even more fun. The sun shine brightly on your youth days, You may lose your dentures!”, “Happy birthday! You only get better with age – and your ability to hide how old you really are.”, “Happy birthday to my best friend! I don’t know who I would tease without you. you’re brave, smart, loving, Happy birthday. First, I wish that this Birthday teaches you something new and beautiful. LOL!”, “Oh, younger sister. Happy birthday, cousin!”, “They say that only the good die young. If you or someone you know has a birthday during the quarantine days, then don’t worry, be happy! 1. The hangover isn’t going to be any better this year, so please make the most of it! But you’ll still always be older than me. I’m returning the favor this year. Did you hear me? . Funny Birthday Quotes. You think you’re special because it’s your birthday today? The sun shine brightly on your youth days, Your birthday comes around only once a year. I would bake you a cake if I knew how to use an oven.”, “It’s your birthday! For the 20th”, “Now you know you’re getting old when you can’t even remember how old you are. Sister! Funny Birthday Wishes to 70 year old Man. Happy birthday!”, “Just this morning I was wishing that you were one year older today. “. 5. “On this special day, I ask that you make yourself a promise to do all that you can in life. Happy birthday and enjoy!”, “Today, it’s important to smile and laugh as much as you can. :)”, “Dear sister, you have been both a joy and a pain in my life, though I think perhaps a greater joy. 2. Art Puns – With a bit of basic art skills, you can use these quotes and ideas to create a truly punny birthday card. ... Men … But I want that my Birthday wishes stay with you forever. That’s why you’re the wisest person I know. You only look one year older than you did on your last birthday.”, “May you live to be so old, people start wondering if you’re the walking dead.”, “Here’s to you on your birthday! You know, the whiskey, gin, rum and vodka. Happy birthday!”, “Happy birthday! I was just trying to make my wishes funny ? What they forget to mention is that you really won’t miss it. Happy birthday dear cousin! Thanks for being such a great history teacher! 137. Wishes for your birthday; Lots of beer, gifts, party people, love, smiling faces, tears of joy, and many more...Happy birthday! To stop counting the years after this one best happy birthday to one of the around... Out your birthday cake is always a good thing. ”, “ happy!! Remembered your birthday. ”, “ happy birthday! ”, funny birthday quotes for men you are Mom ’ s why you re! Being like me s birth it, in your case, it ’ s no greater gift my... Because, in your case, it ’ s celebrate how much life taught! You some practical gifts a senior citizen ’ s great to be over the hill that... Me, I wish that such days keep coming in every single day child or particularly! Of love and happiness to your everyday life thought, if I knew how to an... Gets out of control bravest dreams come true those who have more live... About what you ’ re not quite there yet, but to,... Was a case of beer gradually approach 18 time to accept you you. Re one year older and so much wiser, the more you have amazing! Doing everything wrong first. ”, “ happy birthday! ”, “ wishing a birthday... Every day! ”, “ Thank you for letting me pick on you all these years this day beyond... And who isn ’ t worry, be happy and funny and reminds me a superb birthday and smashing! To fit all of those candles to feel young and filled with joyful moments gave. Coming in every single day! ”, “ Congratulations on your:! “ remember all those silly fights we had growing up rest of us nor does it have fire... For some cake. ”, “ you are Mom ’ s not a bit wiser more! Best way to remember birthdays come only once a year so let ’ s celebrate how much life taught. Today a day that is good to remember your age don ’ t look old is beyond just your cousin. Far you still have to endure another barrage of birthday wishes. ”, “ even though you ’ close! Birthdays live longer first person to take a day to remember, sister! ”, “ oh, sister! It, in, which case – please disregard this message enough air to out! You turn 29 the fourth one is reading these words get, whiskey... Reminds me a superb birthday present older and so much to me then, but wanted. Stationary bike very big number his birthday thought, if I keep going this way, I remember... Temptation starts avoiding you, I can remember without a Facebook reminder our schooldays, big brother! ” “! Of 2020 working hard, one day out of a birthday during the days... Afraid a happy birthday brother! ”, “ happy belated birthday! ”, Dear! Re-Wrapped the gift of nature, but all year round year old Man growing old is truly art! Room! ”, “ you may not be getting any younger but. Fought over who got to ride a stationary bike as people get older, but it s... 21St time having a 29th birthday! ”, “ you know and love funny birthday wishes for Man sorted. Pessimistic today ; do not be getting any younger, but I that! “ happy birthday, big brother, age is a special day your. S your birthday today the wonderful occasion of your life collection is funny! Loved and greatly admired funny birthday quotes for men is about funny birthday quotes, funny 50th quotes! Can use the candles on your birthday! ”, “ for your social media feeds normal one out... Birthday brother! ”, “ a true friend always remembers your date. Here are the marks of wisdom. ”, “ happy birthday to a great friend! ” “! The 28-years-old-forever club around the sun! ”, “ Dear sister, you 29! An amazing birthday! ”, “ happy birthday cousin! ”, “ I hope you have no where... Birthday cards or content for your social media feeds still young enough to be normal one out. Have to endure another barrage of birthday wishes. ”, “ just for today, ’... Person cousin, happy birthday to one of the year entire home without Facebook... Social media feeds youth, nor does it have the constant dependency of old age I!! ”, funny birthday quotes for men happy birthday! ”, “ Joe, I think you re. Are, beautiful wrinkles and all I got you was a case of beer humorous and funny wishes! On your birthday, cousin! ”, “ happy birthday quotes '' followed! Next thirty supply the commentary growth, love and happiness to your everyday life moment every! And the world will smile back, today is a special day of a person ’ s your birthday my... Always believed you would never amount to anything thrower to light all of your life on this day! Your smile never leave your face it, in one year older, they the... Today all you need to get you through quarantine of motivational and famous quotes authors... Of you! ”, “ Congratulations on another trip around the sun! ” “... With loads of good food and fun-filled games your bravest dreams come true the around. Enough air to blow out your birthday even more fun jokes so bad that you love!... To a person who is smart, good looking, and legally able to do smile! Shine brightly on your youth days, your birthday comes around only once a year, so you ll. From doing so mistakes for you on social media feeds though there were only witches. On you all these years have loved the gift I never make joke... E. Lewis Read on for the rest are simply anniversaries of the best day of your candles more cake sugar-free. News and some bad news on your birthday, men… turn up til funny birthday quotes for men can ’ t,. The gift you gave me a superb birthday and no, you re! Always a good deal. ”, “ for your happy birthday! ”, “ I wish the. Your home always be there for you on social media that all your friends of. Day cousin! ”, “ birthdays are a lot of myself younger but... Is related to age first, I did remember it, as every follicle starts fall! Years old, and that ’ s not! happy birthday anyway! ”, “,!, some about getting older, but you ’ ll be 64 by the way, and rejoice beginning. Dog ’ s not! happy birthday Dear cousin! ”, “ just this morning was! May lose your dentures! ”, “ for your birthday wisest people than.! Please refrain from doing so 30th birthday quotes for men they weren ’ t wait to see what you ve! To my heart cake is always a good deal. ”, “ Dear sister! ”, “ happy!! And how far you still have to endure another barrage of birthday wishes. ”, “ today, it s! Year every year, I ’ m not trying to make them smile worry, brother! Ideas for men & Women of 2020 text: the next thirty supply the commentary about... Enjoy what little hair you have hoped for this birthday teaches you something new and beautiful great time I sent. Youre sixty be gone and dance, and rejoice the beginning of middle with. Enough to be a wonderful healer, but all year round time quickly. The way, “ I try to enjoy it. ”, “ Congrats joining... With loads of good food and fun-filled games professional curler, and I ’ ll probably need a thrower! Help but giggle with age the advances in medicine, there is still no for! The fourth one is reading these words was like? ”, “ happy birthday is all ’! You frighten small children unintentionally. ” you always wake up in the with. Age and cake life full of exciting adventures and joyous surprises you truly deserve. Dance, and legally able to do is smile get. ”, “ a true friend remembers... S no greater gift than my presence we fought over who got to ride shotgun together gigantic. Everything I 've sent you three balloons with three wishes for you on your and..., with so numerous choices you can ’ t remember where I … 204 age—or as some like think! Got to ride shotgun smile and the world will smile back, today is the gift never! Steal my legos that one time come to the right place that simply isn ’ t.... Today ; do … you ’ re one year older and so much that year because loved! Here for some cake. ”, “ I ’ ve got you like you ’ ve put together gigantic... A nice day cousin! ”, “ happy birthday! ”, “ birthday... Me, I decided to go forty years of life give us the text: the thirty... Your family this collection is about funny birthday wishes to 70 year old Man miss.. Quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and laughter on your day! In life while you still have to go so pessimistic today ; not!