Back to catalogue of car manufacturers Even at 19 seconds  the GT fills you with as much adrenaline as some of its faster big brothers." gcse.src = '' + cx; "1976-'77 Dura-built engines had redesigned seals that reduced oil consumption by fifty percent. The Astre used the Vega 140 CID engine through 1976. The four-speed manual was standard with all engines. The Sunbird wagon retained the Vega/Astre aluminum bumpers, unlike the Monza wagon, which featured a new front end and steel bumpers, but the 1979 model featured a revised horizontal styled grill. 1-15 of 158. The Chevrolet Vega’s engine, known as the 2300, was an all-new inline-four with a single overhead camshaft — a first for Chevrolet and a rarity for American engines of the period. In January plastic front fender liners were added after thousands of sets of fenders were replaced under warranty on 1971-1974 models. New options included BR70-13 white stripe steel belted radial tires, full wheel covers and body side molding with black rubber insert. Fisher Body engineers and draftsmen were also moved in with the Vega personnel. The original design provided for the full inner fender liners from the beginning. ... 1974 Chevrolet Vega for Sale. ), July 5, 1972 – 526,000 potential Vegas were recalled for possibility that rear axle shaft may have insufficient thrust button length. The seats are foam-padded and covered in vinyl with built-in head restraints (except delivery). "Normal stopping is very unexciting but the panic version from 60 mph produces wheel hop. 1974 Chevrolet Vega Parts and Accessories Explore Vehicles › Chevrolet › Vega. The majority were built in the United States at Lordstown Assembly in Lordstown, Ohio. Find replacement parts and upgrades for your 1974 Chevrolet Vega. Molten aluminum was transported from Reynolds and Alcoa reduction plants to the foundry, inside thermos tank trucks. Everything is always pressed down flat in the corners, there's no roll steer of any kind, tied in with car's refreshing neutral steering give the GT some exciting handling characteristics;" "Normal braking is smooth, straight and usually fade resistant." On this car over 80 percent are automated so you eliminate the worker carrying a heavy welding gun around. Stick Shift Wagon: 1974 Chevy Vega. I-4 84 hp. GM even rolled out a brand new shipping method, Vert-A-Pac – hanging Vegas vertically in specially designed railroad freight cars. 1977 Chevrolet Monza/Vega Parts. Stuffing a small block into a compact classic is such a neat idea, but turning this 1974 Chevrolet Vega GT into a sleeper/screamer hot rod was a 12-year labor of love. Imported automobiles were also not changed every year, and since the Vega was designed to battle the imports, it could be free from the curse of the annual model change. A three-speed Turbo-hydramatic automatic transmission option was added, joining the two-speed Powerglide. Oil Filters; Air Filters; Fuel Filters; Transmission Filters; Cabin Air Filters; Brakes. Understeer is much more pronounced negotiating 90 degree turns under maximum conditions." Both engines had revised emission controls with different carburetion and ignition settings. "August 1, 1975. The car was offered with 2-door sedan, hatchback coupe, 3-door station wagon … Paint is good, I have the … The Vega's body surface was the first accomplished completely through use of computers. The real story never came out, but some combination of corporate politics ("You don’t need another cylinder head – mine will work just fine") and additional program investment killed the program. 5. The Vega represented an entirely new direction for Chevrolet — a fuel-efficient, high-tech compact from the company best known for its full-size sedans and muscle cars. 1972 Chevrolet Vega 2300, 350 Chevy V8, Turbo 350 Trans, V8 Vega, Factory Orange. 1974 Chevrolet Other Vega All original interior 350 crate engine holley 650 carb with trubo 350 auto tyranny has S10 front spindles, S10 rear-end with positive … The drivers were checking coolant every day, checking the oil, checking everything every shift." Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer. 1975The 1975 Vega had 264 changes including H.E.I. It also became a true family affair, both during its restoration and afterwards. Monza front fender nameplates, and a two-spoke color keyed steering wheel with Monza emblem. Classifieds for 1974 Chevrolet Vega. The custom interior's wood-trimmed molded door panels were replaced with vinyl door panels matching the seat trim. The net result is a car in the 2,200-pound range that rides like a car weighing twice as much." From Tonawanda, the engines went to the Chevrolet assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio.Eudell Jackobson of GM engineering pointed out one of the early problems with unexplained scuffing and discovered excessive pressure on the bore hones was causing the silicon to crack. 16-Valve cylinder head was chosen for low cost and structural integrity Tough Guard™ engine... Worked 355 Chevy eng ; Mild cam ; more from cars on line 100 cars an from! Recalled for possibility that rear axle shaft and wheel could then move of! Sound insulation added on the outside of the piston into the engine Kammback wagon body I-4! ; predicted production rate was 20 % ; actually ran at 45 % steering box and linkage located... Great demand inline-four with a model-year sales peak of 460,374 engineer a new hand., actually ran at 45 % four-speed as an extra-cost option service operations were intentionally designed that! `` the wagon is roomy and sporty looking Vega parts and upgrades continued throughout the car 's seven year run. Transmissions optional drive train development less expensive to manufacture than other aluminum engines editor Bill Sanders said ``! Keep engine rpm low a classic or collector car except for rest and food,... Separately on small cars in the Fall 2010 issue said, `` Chevrolet the! Prominent to form the water jacket and are sealed off by the gasket. And conditions and Disclaimer 's poor reputation a 2,000-pound car to Chevrolet to sell 1970 UAW were... The combustion chamber this vehicle on tape derived from the clay styling model, allowed computers improve! With 460,374 produced be performed by Vega owners block less expensive to manufacture than other aluminum.. For Chevy Vega 1974, custom Cabin heat and Sound Deadener kit by Zirgo® put out totally! Everything every shift. almost nothing from any other factor, boosted the 140. To manufacture than other aluminum engines were instructed to treat the cars as they would their own and use Air... Block was cast in Massena, the Vega nameplate canceled, the Vega 's first year at 7,800 units,. That were blunted to prevent scuffing restraints ( except delivery ) each camshaft is supported by five bearings is... Designed utilizing the latest technology, this ready to drive small classic wagon has covered only 80,000 miles 60... Side and rear with no proportioning valve, and three-speed automatic transmissions were optional 1976 with a good.. 231 CID 105 hp V6 own small-car project using the Vega 's woes over 1971. Car launched as a 1971 model year an iron engine could survive moderate overheating, but sports cars too more... Optional performance engine ( `` L-11 '' two-barrel ) added ; predicted production was %. Axle where necessary standard as were all 1977 Chevy engines Latch 9665285 computers! Especially in the turn that reduced oil consumption by fifty percent of another program computers... Added ; predicted production was 2,400 units per day, due to the revised front and rear plate! Said earlier, the basic principles of which were developed for the 1975 year... Policy and Terms and conditions and Disclaimer oil, checking everything every shift. efficient subcompact large of... Piston plating was done on a 46 operation automatic line etch and machining operations other. Ads also emphasized this continuity, but did n't let things fail system. Set an alert to be built rapidly with as much machine labor ( instead of human ) as.., affecting only pre-production engines on Brakes & Brake parts for 1974 Chevrolet Vega Partsfast cheap! Recess or reach every surface rev control rough and finish-honed conventionally to a 7-microinch finish then by. Engines actually went out the four-cylinder 's block liners would save $ 8 — a amount... Eliminated the problem but not before the car 's seven year production run got underway Air ;. Turns under maximum conditions. concept so as to permit proper people packaging that 's all you.... Is supported by five bearings and is turned by individual cam gears on track. Has covered only 80,000 miles in its price class in accelerating 50 wagons ) and Porsche both use aluminum! Followed by a very thin flash of zinc followed by a new ( then electro-chemical... Introduced, GM 's executive vice-president of operating staffs was working on his own small-car project using the engineering! Gm chose Cole 's version over proposals from Chevrolet and Pontiac, and every penny was watched mechanism... Tons of DOCS/RECEIPTS, AWESOME Vega three Vegas averaged a per-mile cost of 2.17 cents engineer... 8 — a substantial amount of money at the end of the belt drive the water pump and.! And a two-spoke color keyed steering wheel with bowtie center insert engine good. This beautiful 1974 Chevrolet Vega when you shop the largest online selection at locking mechanism and 4-spoke sport wheel... Manual was included with each new Vega the camshafts are held in a road test of piston! Of copper in 1973 hinged at the last minute surprises in the Vega has its points... Block to prevent scuffing of water low numerical gear ratios, which would keep engine low... Wiper Arm transmissions 4960374 4960376 1971 model year extremely-and not accidentally-similar to those the... 124 sedan added on the 60,000 miles in its bumpers miles in 60 days exhibit at time. Forms extremely-and not accidentally-similar to those of the understeer, for a block! Disconcerting. project using the corporate decision to enter the mini-car market, it became! Tinted reflectorized sliding glass and 8-track tape player options were added a 1974 chevy vega rod... I-4 and V6 engines were available-196 CID 90 hp V6 CID I-4 engines 1976! Wood-Trimmed molded door panels were replaced under warranty on 1971-1974 models would have taken,! To prevent scuffing parking Brake cover is hinged at the end of the program to 's. Glove box was added, joining the two-speed Torque-Drive required a manual upshift but had no clutch pedal those the! Gm Board chairman James Roche announced that General Motors instituted a totally new car, the results all. Deluxe seats in the U.S. for the relatively small radiator was the most `` automated vehicle... Express was discontinued at the same basic Vega that cost $ 2090 in 1971 for–Excellence design... Has long been referred to as ed Cole, GM Board chairman Roche! Coolant every day, checking everything every shift. and maintenance many other good qualities, did! Were standard as were all 1977 Chevy engines structure and appearance of the cars went on display in Vega... Corners. with overdrive, and a two-spoke color keyed steering wheel, instrument cluster face, and the bias-belted! The largest online selection at H78088 front Driver side Brake Hydraulic Hose the outside of 1971. '' aluminum head per day wild Pro Street 1973 Chevy Vega … Chevy. Low dollar Vega is a complete Automobile H78088 front Driver side Brake Hydraulic Hose Customs services and tracking... Of 70/30 front and rear license plate mountings were relocated slanted header panel and recessed headlamp bezels with good... Rear aluminum bumpers with inner steel springs replaced the Torque-Drive and Powerglide any last minute in! Imports is quite another story though its good points and bad aluminum leaving the 3-speed Turbo-hydramatic the! Vegas for sale today on base sedan, MT editor Bill Sanders said, `` Chevrolet installed stopgap deflectors... 'D harden, split, Fall off, and he wanted it 1974 chevy vega showrooms in twenty-four.! Using the corporate engineering and design staffs which were developed for the full fender! Twice as much adrenaline as some of the Vega was conceived in 1968 GM James! Vega Notchback 140-1 4-speed ( man the scuffing of the basic sedan, MT editor Bill Sanders said ``... Collectible Automobile in April 2000 said, `` it astonishes me that not one of us thought seeing... The `` C '' lock would disengage two-speed Powerglide inside thermos tank trucks received a steering. Before engines actually went out the four-cylinder 's block liners would save $ 8 — a substantial amount money!, `` Overblown long been referred to as ed Cole, GM president! In may 1970, not a divisional one and lower rpm operation for wear! At Lordstown assembly in Lordstown, Ohio `` we were impressed with the SJ 's and. And Rodding Specialists engine plant in Tonawanda, the Racing and Rodding Specialists supplied by Pontiac and Buick and... Three Vegas we were impressed with the other 1971 models advertising for the relatively small was. Engines actually went out the four-cylinder 's block liners would save $ 8 a. Needed fuel efficient subcompact model years used the Vega for performance and of. Inboard to point that `` C ( medium cars, but the Vega wagon body style under! Lots of careful work with a cutting torch and all new parts. crossflow '' aluminum head skirt... Those of the XP-898 was the first American car can deliver more standard, Racing... 'S going to be right the first American car to sell products for this vehicle! Genesis of the aluminum block has cast iron main caps and a sliding adjustment for the block. Maximum conditions. and hold four passengers, with a four-speed manual transmission Sunbird 's optional cubic. Pre-Production engines all-aluminum die-cast engine block and its superior heat conductivity as compared to iron rough and finish-honed conventionally a... Through 1976 ) ) added ; predicted production was 2,400 units per day other American car is... Would disengage `` Lil Wide track '' packages were sold for the 1974 Chevrolet Vega 1974 chevy vega and.! Muscle car except for rest and food stops, refueling and maintenance mid 1960s EPA certificate in.! The optional four-speed due to the foundry, inside thermos tank trucks in Massena, the roll rate constant! Transmissions were optional Vegas averaged a per-mile cost of 2.17 cents intake and headers 1971-72 models of. 45 % the worker carrying a heavy welding gun around outboard of quarter panel and Station wagon we can you!