Family: Pseudocheiridae. Daintree River ringtail possums may be similar. The last recorded discovery was of the Daintree River Ringtail Possum, Pseudochirulus cinereus, in 1945. It is rare these days for a new species of possum to be discovered in Australia. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show ads that are more relevant to your interests. Scientific Name: Pseudochirulus cinereus. They can also be found along the road to Mt. 14. Tail usually white tipped and has very little hair. This possum is nocturnal and loves bleeding heart and pink almond rain forest trees. Bennett's Tree Kangaroo. brushtail possum. the Daintree River ringtail (Pseudocheirus cinereus) These endemic rainforest species are restricted to the uplands and, as a consequence, they occur as a number of isolated populations. However, this particular species only found in this one small region. Category: Possum. This is also known as the Daintree river possum. Daintree River Ringtail Possum. Daintree River Possum - a little-known Ringtail Possum with a very small distribution range in the higher altitudes of the Daintree (Thornton’s Peak). Previous Next. One example is the lemuroid ringtail possum which occurs only above 550 metres on the Atherton Tableland and in a smaller population on the Carbine Tableland. The Daintree River Ringtail Possum, or cinereus ringtail possum, is the most northern species of ringtail inhabi ting the small area of cool wet upland rainforests above 450m of Mount Windsor Tableland, Carbine Tableland and McDowall Ranges which lie adjacent to and within the Daintree National Park. Bennett's Tree Kangaroo is a large species with adult males,which are larger than females, reaching almost 14 kilograms in weight Eastern Pygmy Possu... Feather-tailed Poss... Feathertail glider. Possums appear throughout Australia, popping up in deep bushlands or even in backyards. DAINTREE RIVER RINGTAIL POSSUM. Cinereus Ringtail Possum. Name: Daintree River Ringtail Possum (Pseudochirulus cinereus Pseudocheiridae) Description: Caramel to brown coloured fur on their back, creamy white below. Related Photos . Musky Rat Kangaroo - the most primitive of the kangaroos, it is also the smallest and the only one with five toes. Two young are usually reared at the same time, riding on the mothers back. Its scientific name is Pseudochirulus centres. The endemic species to Far North Queensland are the lemuroid ringtail possum, Herbert River ringtail possum, green ringtail possum and the Daintree River ringtail Possum. Marsupials include possums and gliders (striped possum, Daintree river ringtail, green ringtail, long tailed pygmy possum, to name a few); some interesting kangaroos (tree kangaroo and musky rat kangaroo); other macropods (red legged pademelon, swamp wallaby, agile wallaby); and … Lewis Santuary. Because of their arboreal lifestyle and adaptations, Daintree River ringtail possums are not expected to move along the ground much or be found in isolated trees (Laurance, 1990). Daintree River Ringtail Possum. MORE IN POSSUM CATEGORY. WALLABIES AND KANGAROOS. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy. Common Name: Daintree River Ringtail Possum. It is commonly found in wet tropics of North Eastern Queensland. LIFE SPAN: 4 - 5 years.