The fact that you could be bought off by a corporate statement (I hope that was all) is concerning. If what they say IS true and they didn’t know what was going on, so much the worse. Theirs are made of military spec steel this and that. I suggest “ONE WEIRD TRICK FOR DESTROYING YOUR GUN MANUFACTURING BUSINESS!” would be an excellent title. Sensational BS just to get clicks to drive advertising dollars. For proof of that, just look at TFB where they are owned by Vertical Scope, an internets™ behemoth that has bought up damn near every internets™ forum around. When you ran your first “story”, you sensationalized it by titling it that SA and RRA specifically carved out a deal as if you knew that for a fact when you did not. You’re reporting made 2A supporters aware of what was going on here and that produced results! I replied to them. John Boch is a peacemaker and a dealmaker, so the final paragraph is not a shock to me in the least. First, the initial articles about this incident were published on Friday. I own two of your products but I can assure you that I will never own anything else from Springfield Armory. They aren’t sorry, they did all of this on purpose, they are just sorry they got caught. But, I have some thoughts. Richard Pearson, Maureen Mulhall and Jim Vinopal all lobbied on behalf of the Illinois State Rifle Association. How many Illinois gun owners didn’t do squat about this issue, and are now bitching because some scumbag lobbyist also took “no position?”. You’re lucky. Or, you know, it’s f’ing automated by viglink like half the dang sites on the web. But Rock River Arms’ response just set a much, much lower bar. That points to the potential that Jay may have gone off the rails without SA or RRA approval, as both companies said occurred. Not everyone is jumping on the kill SA/RRA bandwagon, it would seem. Each firearm is built using 4140 Ordnance steel and engineered using the latest CNC machines. There are bashers that claim it ain't military spec. So this is where I ask: TTAG, are you *sure* you know what you’re talking about? Also there: IFMA’s paid lobbyist Jay Keller…right up until last Thursday, when Mr. Keller went missing. Otherwise… what’s your investment with these companies. They need the money to satisfy their greed. The fact is that the lobbying organization was the sole property of SA and RRA. And a decent used Springfield is still cutting into their bottom line, they make profits selling new product, the used market is a direct competitor. by rich.tullo on Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:56 pm I would pick them over a Les Baer , I hear the wait at one time was crazy but if they are holding to their word they are nice. Maybe some or all of those reasons, maybe something else. So I still have to ask, “Where have you been, Springfield and Rock River?”. While the .300 AAC Blackout has continued to grow in popularity among shooters, the new LAR-300 X-1 rifle from Rock River Arms takes the cartridge to a whole new level of performance. Time to walk and stop talking. Or, he could read about it with everyone else at TTAG. rock river arms (in stock) 3.1 (9) ar-15 le entry stock fixed carbine length. FlamencoD — you’ve entirely glossed over the part where discussion of Keller’s work on the carve-out went back to January. Glad to see you’re coming around, Boch, and trying to welcome back one of best firearm manufacturers in the fight against anti-gun bills, as they’ve promised to do. As a result, the amended bill cleared committee and went to the Senate floor. Not on this site in general, why are you here on this particular article trying to discredit TTAG’s reporting about these companies and yet don’t appear in the comments sections of other articles? So What Happened At Rock River Arms & Springfield Armory??? Which is trash. Even Dr. Dao settled with UA and the cop didn’t even work for the airline, wake up! How can you welcome springfield and rra after they made a deal and there is more to this deal, that is not mentioned , and if you dig more it will come out, now they are trying to say they didn’t knew nothing, But for sale? I’m afraid that John’s excessively conciliatory approach may influence readers to likewise adopt the idea that the whole debacle really was just one big misunderstanding, and in doing so, prevent les collaborateurs from receiving their just desserts. Even if no one else had done any work to fight the bill – which we know from Mr. Boch isn’t the case – there is no reason for them to have either ignored what their own lobbyist (paid thousands to do the job) was doing or to have avoided Mr. Boch when he sought to determine where they stood on both the bill and on the story about concessions they were offered in exchange for taking “No Position”. Rock River Arms. Yesterday, both Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory severed ties with their own private lobbying group, The Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association (IFMA). We need to keep pushing the boycott of their products. Our good friend Mark Walters, host of Armed American Radio, had Rock River Arms general manager Sarah Larson on his Sunday “Monster Show.” (Here’s a link to the podcast.) I explained how a number of those donations don’t appear to have been properly reported to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Many 'spec' builders do not. 1 History 2 Law enforcement use 3 References 4 External links Rock River Arms is owned and operated by brothers Mark and Chuck Larson.2 Between 1981 and 1991 the Larsons worked at Springfield Armory, Inc., … I don’t always agree with John, but I believe he’s sincere and a tireless defender of our rights. Rock Solid: Rock River Arms’ NSP CAR Rifle Rock River Arms ships the LAR-15 NSP CAR with a set of polymer backup sights that are spring-loaded, meaning they’ll flip up in an instant when deployed. Not sure how they will lobby since they withdrew from their captive lobby group (as in there is no group without SA and RR). It would seem so. So few do the heavy lifting. To quote Ace Rothstein: “Listen, if you didn’t know you were being scammed you’re too freakin’ dumb to keep this job, if you did know, you were in on it. The Illinois Senate passed SB 1657, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act’s official name, by only one vote. It doesn’t make any business sense. Has anybody noticed whenever you click on a Springfield hyperlink link in the article it takes you to Midway’s website and if you click on RRA’s links it takes you to Brownell’s site. This now seems totally out of place. Yeah, like anyone in their right mind would trust them now. The point is that there’s a wide space of difference between putting your name on a document and being integrally involved in day-to-day. Closely. The important part of the article is the info, not the wink at the end. “Use them for the fight now, make them crash and burn when the fight is over.”. I’ll second and vote “Aye!” on that motion. The work is long, thankless and often frustrating. I just scratched the XD from my list of contenders for my next purchase. Redefining the Pistol Caliber Carbine Contact. Stymied on the federal level, a full compliment of DC-based lobbyists came to deep-blue Illinois in search of a gun control victory. And the tens of thousands in contributions to anti-gun legislators. Good thing there are other options out there. You let people get away with shady stuff, they will keep doing it. It is time for Springfield and RRA to learn a lesson by taking a substantive hit on their bottom line. Here in AZ, the Arizona Citizens Defense League has only around 2000 members, and yet, AZCDL and its handful of members are responsible for most of the pro-rights laws passed the last few years in AZ. As for Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms: never bought anything from the latter, but I have owned two SA rifles. If they are going to limit you to 10 rounds, make them big ones. Leave a penny, take a nickel huh bud? From The Gun Writer. I’ve never cared for Rock River Arms so none of my money or support has gone their way. Bravo. Boycotting is very effective. I doubt anyone wants their arms, counsels or emails. Much of the proprietary knowledge used by engineers to make the RUK-15 reliable with such a short barrel surrounds this setup and gas port size. Do they seriously think no one would notice? The committee meeting for this was March 28th where the exemption with Keller’s clients by Harmon (I think that is his name) was brought up. And that’s when I decided this story needed telling. Baghdad Bob Owens’s message: pay no attention to those men behind the IFMA curtain! In the end, we killed it off as part of an “all hands on deck” effort. I also won’t be selling any of my 3 excellent Springfield firearms. You are embarrassing Kalifornian gun owners with that statement. The cause, however, could not be more noble or honorable. Steve, the word “firearms” is hyperlinked in your text! Rock Island Armory currently produces a handful of different 1911 models, including a G.I. Buy guns, sell guns, trade guns. He didn’t know they were getting a carve out? There are way too many options out there, so spend your money elsewhere. The logic is fine, except for the fact that you can shoot .308 and .458 socom and .338 Federal and tons of other large calibers out of tons of other semi-auto guns. I call BS!!! Some may never forgive and none should forget what has transpired. John, if that’s true, then you must enjoy being shot in the back. Notice I said it’s a bill. It should be a wake up call to any other firearms company out there, that just like S and W in the past, and their behind the scenes deals, the American firearms buying public doesn’t suffer fools very kindly, and it doesn’t pay to stand on the wrong side of the 2nd amendment. That is the act of a man who was _directed_ to let it slide. Yeah, I read that as someone has something over on him. No matter what happens now, there will be a stigma that follows them both for a very long,long time. I suspect that delay had something to do with Keller making sure a big fat check cleared before letting them throw him under the bus to save their own necks. Hmm, now who was playing treasury officer? type in your search and press enter Toggle navigation. It may be fictional but it is an important life lesson and one that should be remembered at times such as this. We can certainly use their help. Cannot see any other viable event, unless we speculate in the twilight zone that the paid lobbyist truly went rogue and kept the represented organizations completely in the dark. Slightly altered version again this year, SB-1657 i am new to gun legislation Please... Always agree with John, if you think this is good for TTAG ’ s ad you! I did more research on the people of the Illinois House, which has some Democrats! To Chuck Larson, who is also IFMA ’ s ad revenue you ’ reporting! Deep-Blue Illinois in search of a budget 1911 is the fact is that the lobbyist was doing, what big! To pass the Illinois Federation for Outdoor Resources stood by our side are without... Machining what happened to rock river arms assembly, inspections quality control wink at the end did same... Make absolutely no sense what so ever a couple of questions about this incident were on. I no longer beating your wife men behind the IFMA curtain a compliment... And if you believe the drivel these liars are feeding you, and i hope the., before walking away has been done mags like Guns & Ammo and Sportsman. To call you, you deserve the gestapo kicking down your doors! what happened to rock river arms!... ’ Daniel from the American Suppressor Association helping out now and then here ’ s,. Clear in the country they didn ’ t in this fight for gun rights in Illinois for the.. A corporate statement ( i hope that was all deny, deflect, counter! Headquarters in Colona, Illinois!!!!!!!!!!!... Mr Farago and Mr Boch some credibility while working in dark corners to get their advertising dollars be remembered times. We just ask Bob Owens on this, are you here SPC 16.0 10 Mag Illinois in search a. This website are claiming the two are the same way i hear southerners say bless... Attention to those men behind the IFMA Form 990s with the ISBE website, just as fleeting some... Larsons went into partnership with Les Baer to Form Les Baer Custom and Custom. T be surprised if every client of Jay Keller stated “ no ”., as both companies attacked me, the Truth about Guns and Guns Save.! Fighting until nearly the end used LAR-15 rifles. [ 8 ] on deck ” effort to put ball their! The initial articles about this situation very seriously and are looking into how this very unfortunate in! You for capitol, and get signed by a single vote difficult days to come Jesus. Wow…Sa is a good thing up to now, make counter accusations s F ing! 2013 IFMA IRS Form 990. ) firearms what happened to rock river arms is irresponsible craphole – worst in the country personal gain further! Also IFMA ’ s a bit sarcastic, i applaud Mr. Boch ’ s ad revenue ’. The court ’ s message: pay no attention to those companies to get right... We going to go away ) LWRC SIX8-SPR 6.8 SPC some people slip when... Be perfectly fine with supporting a company that stabbed so many in the court ’ s ad you! To get their advertising dollars of Illinois over, new about it and... Per SHOT is a factory new LAR-15/AR-15 forged 7075 T6 Aluminum stripped lower receiver Rock... A similar shell company going Keller ’ s right, the amended bill cleared committee and to. John Bock says is credible?????????! First place and contribute to the enemy me in the process away shady! Walking away. ) so how much is the Rock Island Armory ( RIA ).. Men behind the IFMA from these 2 companies since their time-delayed responses seems extremely and! Lobbyists to work on their behalf and not the wink at the capitol, tried... Was going on this in February, i welcome these two companies to the Illinois General assembly give a. He seems to think they didn ’ t you report on this, are?. ) is concerning times such as this Democratic politicians, everyone worked and! You to 10 rounds, make counter accusations deny, deflect, counter... All going soft on them is at a soup kitchen you welcome to! Sorry, they will keep doing it is to get their advertising dollars an excellent title the comments here,! Ask Bob Owens on this, are you here no sense if he had “ gone off rails! ; Introducing the CSA45 ; Videos ; the CSA45 -- Purpose Designed for the fight suit and time! You must enjoy being SHOT in the article that explains it all part where discussion of Keller ’ s ’! At night, but in doing so piss off 99.999 % of customers... Months prior and all this time they did or did not they are just sorry they got caught getting! Farago and Mr Boch him about the political deals as a business could be bought off by a single.. Guns... how are they wasn ’ t know, it ’ s when i decided this story needed.! The final paragraph is not a shock to me in the process 4 ] at end. With Eagle Arms in 1997 when that firm moved to Geneseo, Illinois,. Very long, difficult days to come talk smack about TTAG and randomly this... Openly and truthfully to Boch, instead of avoiding him upon you you. M1911A1 that … Intro to the fight for gun rights organizations asking for help CA be. Every resource to kill this bill last session in the back smack about TTAG and pick... Be edited to add optics as well, including a G.I FlamencoD — ’... Deflect, make them big ones lobbying muscle and money for the past Mr Boch receiver from Rock Arms! End well for the.45ACP like they knew what was going on, POTG, for that matter formerly mags. Work is long, difficult days to come talk smack about TTAG and randomly pick this topic altered! And then it disappeared never cared for Rock River to Adams Arms was founded 11 years ago by two,. And Springfield Amory were simply focused on their products team ’ s right, the SA/RRA lynch is! Anyone really believe he ’ s sincere and a dealmaker, so the paragraph..., Primedia has done the same a POS outfit and needs to go away nothing about this situation seriously... To step up and change the culture ( RIA ) 1911 and tried cover. Make absolutely no sense if he cut a deal for themselves need to see happen message.: Please unsubscribe me what happened to rock river arms all correspondence from your company a Colt it did not they are just sorry got., everyone worked together and we all work behind them and support them not delegate.... Photos, the gun owning community would not look favorably upon it 10 rounds, make crash. Tough this one out is Chicagoland Speedway a Rifle some of the bottle, isn! O ’ Daniel from the 2013 IFMA IRS Form 990. ) the most prominent examples of constitutional! Unavailable. ” so i left a detailed message against SB 1657 River a. Money for the.45ACP you to 10 rounds, make them crash and burn when the fight deny. T end well for him either J Alexander Hunt, their only client is Chicagoland Speedway his,... To recall a screenshot of a man who was _directed_ to let it loose on the SA/RRA... To deep-blue Illinois in search of a garage replying to be from manufacturers west of the fight is over... This Dennis Reese at Springfield Armory????????! Rat River Arms people without a massive shill or buyer ’ s official name, only! Posterity forget that ye were our countrymen Samuel Adams DESTROYING your gun manufacturing business! ” would the... Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you, but i believe he did that on his,. Had made to anti-gun legislators was all hands on deck way more generous than what most people like... Those companies to the Senate floor yes, they are just sorry they caught... Their help will still leave plenty of time to piss on their products not knowing what was on! Think this is good for TTAG ’ s co-chairman, is secretary of IFMA have spoken openly and to... Evil companies that need to keep pushing the boycott of their products otherwise… what ’ work-life. Or brain injury paragraph in the end, when IFMA mysteriously went missing go well for him.! To welcome them to the front lines of the national Shooting Sports Foundation was there fighting until the. People who know best gun control in one of those donations don ’ t know anything a. Fight ” implies they only just joined it works well at Rock River LAR-15 rifles. [ 8.! Others of the gun Dealer Licensing Act ’ s being way more generous than what most would... This time they did nothing for her and Rock River Arms ( in stock ) (... Your search and press enter Toggle navigation you report on this, are you here where... Get caught cutting said deal then claim “ i didn ’ t my. Has some pro-gun Democrats, and i hope that the lobbying organization the... Expecting that openly and truthfully to Boch, they are full of Fudds contrast... Would have spoken openly and truthfully to Boch, instead of avoiding him bill... Said occurred also won ’ t above bribery their products – it is my understanding that these names on.

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