Misako Tomioka Though he and Asta manage to defeat Dante, he is captured and taken by Zenon, with his katana left in Asta's possession. Langris Vaude (ランギルス・ヴォード, Rangirusu Vōdo) is the Golden Dawn's former vice-captain and Finral's younger brother, having replaced him as their family's heir due to possessing stronger and more offensive Spatial Magic compared to Finral. The Devil Race (悪魔族, Akuma Zoku), or demons, are monstrous beings from another realm of existence that manifest within the living world during strange occurrences, with mages like those in the Spade Kingdom deriving their power from them via pacts. Before the events of the story, he declared his intent to become Wizard King with many believing him to be powerful enough to also become king of the Clover Kingdom if he wanted. While Patry assumed Licht's identity after reincarnating into the body of William Vangeance five centuries later, he has Sally create an artificial body for Licht's soul to inhabit once all the Elves have been fully revived. The Witch Queen (魔女王, Majo-ō) is the mother of Vanessa and most of the forest's residents, a perfectionist among witches who values power above all else. Though he still retains some of his arrogance and continues to argue with Asta, he joins the Royal Knights and fights alongside his squad against the Eye of the Midnight Sun. He has high aspirations of becoming the next Wizard King. He would later be revealed to host to an Elf Apostle that Fuegoleon faces in the Shadow Palace. Ragus (ラガス, Ragusu) is one of the Diamond Kingdoms's Eight Shining Generals who uses Lightning Magic. [21] Despite these outbursts, she defends Fanzell's character when Ladros calls him a coward.[22]. He is impaled by Yuno's wind trident which throws him into a building. Besides the Devil within Asta's five-leaf grimoire, other devils appear in the series. Heath ends up being defeated by Asta, Noelle Silva and Magna Swing, with one of his disciples escaping to report the turn of events to Patry. She is also the current commander of the Royal Knights, and serves as a sort of mentor to Asta, due to their fighting styles involving close combat. Maintains innocence." 26[1] Having spent the duration of the possession reconsidering his view on people, Gauche truly considers his teammates friends. Yami refuses and instead tells Henry to survive as the base will soon be filled with many healthy and active people for him to siphon mana from. Rill Boismortier (リル・ボワモルティエ, Riru Bowamorutie) is the Captain of the Aqua Deers, able to bring what he paints to life and recreate any magic attribute via his Picture Magic. Following the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Kirsch changed his initial outlook on commoners following his match against Asta. Sally (サリー, Sarī) is a rogue mage who uses Gel Magic to create and manipulate gelatinous substances. Yuno could only admire how Asta saved him, despite not having magic, and it made him feel ashamed. He is the wielder of Game Magic, which allows him to create a dimension for playing grand games with rules set in. Heath and his disciples attacked a village in the Clover Kingdom's Forsaken region for the magic stone located there. Mariella (マリエラ, Mariera) is an Ice Magic user and former student of Fanzell who is a ruthless assassin, having feigned deserting the Diamond Kingdom to retrieve Fanzell and assassinate any other deserters. On MyAnimeList you can learn more about their role in the anime and manga industry. After becoming an assassin, she is ordered to recover her former teacher and his wife, Dominante Code, for deserting the kingdom. [7] Dominante shares her broom and cloak with Noelle and Mariella, and as they are flying Dominante tells them about the Security Golems. He acts as a senior to Asta and Noelle, accompanying them on some of their missions. She can extend her influence across the forest to observe events and her blood can heal others and manipulate them like puppets. William Vangeance (ウィリアム・ヴァンジャンス, Wiriamu Vanjansu) is the leader of the Golden Dawn and a potential heir to Julius as Wizard King, possessing vast mana and is able to use World Tree Magic. The Heart Kingdom (ハート王国, Hāto Ōkoku) is a nation south of the Clover Kingdom whose people adapted to the country's strong natural mana to create unique magic and use a ranking system with Stage Zero at the top. Official English While Klaus initially looked down on Asta and Yuno for being from "the sticks", he ends being on friendly terms with them following their mission in a dungeon and seeing them fight Mars. She believes strength is everything, and unlike most royals, judges people based on their strength, not status. This motivated him to fight stronger opponents to test his strength, joining the Magic Knights while gaining infamy from his conduct of nearly killing an opponent in the entrance exams. See image of John Tui, the voice of Anubis "Doggie" Cruger in Power Rangers S.P.D (TV Show). He battles with the Black Bulls at the Sea Temple while crippling Kahono and her brother when leading an assault to acquire the Magic Stone within the temple, exhausting himself in his fight against Asta despite managing to break both the youth's arms. Height Eventually, Lucifero partially took over his body to try to manifest in the living world. Augustus's need to be recognized motivated his decision to take credit for the Royal Knights which Julius actually devised. Rades Spirito (ラデス・スピーリト, Radesu Supīrito) is a necromancer who can animate corpses via his Wraith Magic. Gueldre Poizot (ゲルドル・ポイゾット, Gerudoru Poizotto) is the former Captain of the Purple Orcas at the start of the series. Being bedridden due to an strange illness from birth, being born into a noble family, Henry prolongs his life with a magic absorbing constitution by passively siphoning mana from others. In the aftermath of the final battle against the elves, Rades uses his magic to bind Patry's soul to Licht's artificial body, wanting him to atone for his actions. In battle she uses a magic wand decorated with a purple rose she crafted herself. Yagos (ヤーゴス, Yāgosu) is one of the Diamond Kingdom's Eight Shining Generals whose use of Mucus Magic allows him to drain mana from his opponents. Unbeknownst to Patry, Rades gains a new spell at the last moment that allows him to recall dead souls and resurrect them, returning to life moments after Patry leaves for the Royal Capital. He was further rejected during adulthood due to his Poison Magic, further increasing his desire for friends. Sister Theresa Rapual (テレジア・ラプアール, Terejia Rapuāru) is an elderly nun and former Magic Knight of the Crimson Lions who wears a nun's habit and has a long jagged scar over her left eye extending from her forehead to the middle of her cheek. She develops a crush on Yuno after he saved her food during the attack on the capital. In the center of her forehead is a purple, multi-faceted mage stone that is framed by a red tattoo. While Patry intends to make the elves' reincarnation permanent, Zagred manipulates Patry into bringing his body to the living world. When Zagred returned after 5 centuries, Secre borrows Finral to reach Lumiere so she can use the magic stones to revive him while returning to her true form before they could join Asta and others at the Shadow Palace. Mars was emotionally scarred when forced by Fana to kill her for his freedom, gaining access to her Fire Magic along with his natural Crystal magic after pages of their grimoires were ripped and transplanted into each other. When the elves are reincarnated, Vetto is reincarnated by Rhya into a younger, 15-year-old artificial body that Sally developed when the other elves reincarnate. Following the elf incident, after dispatching anti-monarchist nobles who attempted to kill Augustus in the confusion, Damnatio oversees Asta's trial for using forbidden magic before the Black Bulls intervene with Julius passing a decree for a Black Bull mission outside the Clover Kingdom to hinder Damantio's inquisition. Zora Ideale (ゾラ・イデアーレ, Zora Ideāre) is a cynical and often disrespectful member of the Black Bulls who uses his versatile Ash Magic in creating various trap spells against his opponents, his most often used spell being one that rebounds an opponents spell at double the strength. Thank you so much @ChubsGeorge and @fortworthreid for allowing me to play! He has a pair of pink eyes, but lacks any eyebrows. He also possesses a sixth sense which allows him to sense his opponent's ki to predict their attack and counter, enabling him to learn of the connection between Patry and William. Kahono later served as an opposition to the Black Bulls before helping them fend off Vetto which ended with her throat crushed by him, rendering her unable to use her magic's full potential. Upon seeing her, the other Black Bull members named her "Nero" (.mw-parser-output ruby>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby>rtc{font-feature-settings:"ruby"1;font-size:85%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large{font-size:250%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rtc{font-size:50%}黒 (ネロ)). However, when the Magic Knights fulfill their end of the bargain, she betrays them by tricking Asta into killing his friends against his will, wanting to use him for his Anti-Magic powers. The leader of the Elves who possesses Sword Magic, Licht (リヒト, Rihito) is the previous owner of the Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire currently possessed by Asta. Birthday An Elf Apostle given the title of Despair (絶望, Zetsubō), Vetto is one of Licht's oldest friends and shared his dream of peace until his sister and their village were massacred by the ancestors of the Clover Kingdom's current residents, leading to a reincarnated Vetto becoming a sadistic psychopath intent to make humans suffer as his people had. Luck Voltia (ラック・ボルティア, Rakku Borutia) is a member of the Black Bulls, a borderline psychopath who uses Lightning Magic and is always smiling regardless of circumstances, giving him the nickname "Luck the Cheery Berserker." Manga After the Magic Knights enter the forest to have the queen heal Asta from Vetto's curse, she makes them promise to protect the forest from the Diamond Kingdom and Patry's forces. A kingdom located west of the Clover Kingdom, the Spade Kingdom (スペード王国, Supēdo Ōkoku) is a wintry country whose mages derive their magic from the demons. Marie Adlai (マリー・アドレイ, Marī Adorei) is Gauche's little sister whom he adored enough to become a criminal for after they were kicked out of their family estate to provide for her. He is targeted by the Dark Triad for his Dark Magic, needed to create a Tree of Qliphoth. He has proven himself to be a rising star among the ranks of Golden Dawn, capable of beating even the strongest mages with little to no effort. He duels Asta, but they are interrupted by the attack of Vetto. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Asta and the Black Bulls from Yuki Tabata's Black Clover manga series. Originally from the underworld, Liebe was the lowest ranking among all the devils, and was constantly tormented by the other devils due to having no magic. Status He treats both boys as his foster sons along with every other orphan under his care. While extremely powerful as a member of royalty through his use of light magic, Augustus's overconfidence that his position alone made him superior to potential opponents convinced him to not hone his skills. Megicula uses Curse-Warding Magic, a power potent enough that whoever mentions the entity without protection is cursed, such as Acier Silva when she gave birth to Noelle. He was left under the care of a church during his infancy, acquiring a four-leaf clover grimoire and became a member of the Golden Dawn. Dominante Code (VIZ, Funimation) A devil that made its home in the Spade Kingdom, currently residing in the body of the Dark Triad leader Dante. Rebecca Scarlet (レベッカ・スカーレット, Rebekka Sukāretto) is a young red-haired woman who takes care of her five younger siblings to the point that most mistakenly assume she is their mother. The first time Asta met Fanzell Kruger was shortly after he received his grimoire. He is informed of his Spade Kingdom heritage, and immediately after, responds to Zenon's attack at the Golden Dawn base, but is easily defeated and left for dead. Blood Type While initially able to use his rare Beast Magic ability to boost his physical prowess while generating an animal-shaped aura, he can enhance it into Mythical Beast Magic by manifesting a third eye. In truth, due to their magic prowess, the stronger members are humans possessed by the souls of the Elf Race (エルフ族, Erufu-zoku). Severely injured after his battle with the monstrous Licht, Lumiere has Secre petrify him, so he can be revived by her should Zagred resurface. She even lends blood to Noelle to heal Kahono and Kiato. Though he feels inferior to his siblings’ strength, he continues to work hard to create a strength different from theirs. He carried out his activities within the Magic Knights, using his captain status to physically intimidate his subordinates. [12], After Mariella's failed attempt to kill Ladros, Mars knocks Ladros away and then creates a platform of crystal to carry Dominante, Fanzell, and Mariella. After growing dissatisfied with the state of the kingdom, Dominante and Fanzell flee together but are separated. Images of the Freddy Krueger voice actors from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. For example, Lightning Magic becomes True Lightning Magic, and creates real lightning. One branch of the family's siblings is known for their red hair, desire for strength, and skill in Fire Magic. Magic Tool Craftsman 「魔導具職人 Madō-gu Shokunin」 His Copy Magic allows him to copy any type of magic and assume another's appearance, using it to impersonate William for a Magic Knight Captains' meeting since the real William was recuperating from the damage inflicted on his body while it was used by Patry during his fight against Yami and Asta. Langris eventually becomes the Vice Captain of Golden Dawn,the squad deemed to the strongest, and looks down on Finral and the Black Bulls. He and Asta later visit a captain's meeting, where Nacht shares his intel, and begins plotting an invasion of the Spade Kingdom. [14], Fanzell Kruger is her husband. After Patry completes the reincarnation ritual, Owen ends up being possessed by an Elf spirit with his magic inverted to destroy rather than heal. He possesses no magical power, but he overcame his weakness by increasing his physical strength, which allowed him to join the Magic Knight Squad known as the Black Bulls after acquiring a five-leaf clover grimoire where the Anti-Magic devil Liebe resides. While she uses Cotton Magic to usually create sheep that cook her meals, Charmy's magic has been seen to be extremely powerful as it has helped the squad out of more than one difficult situation, using a powerful binding spell, creating a giant sheep monster, and restoring people's magic, the only known spell that does so. He had shaggy dirty blond hair which he kept combed to the side. This leads to her kinder and more gentle personality, though she can be blunt and rude to people she hates. Finral Roulacase (フィンラル・ルーラケイス, Finraru Rūrakeisu) is a member of the Black Bulls. He frequently fought against the village elder, sharpening his skills, before becoming his disciple, who influenced his choice to join the Magic Knights. This eventually came to a head during the Royal Knights Selection Exam when Sandler and Yuno battled on opposing teams, with Sandler losing in a one-on-one battle with Yuno. He led his fiancé Dominante and several of his students to desert the Diamond Kingdom after growing tired of the army's cruelty, getting separated from Dominante and assuming the worst. "Austrian-born, fled to Germany to evade murder charges. Like Noelle, Solid uses Water Magic. She died protecting Liebe from Lucifero who wanted to take over Liebe's body. Although he deeply loves his sister Noelle due to her resemblance to their mother Acier, he keeps the truth of her death from his siblings, and pretends to resent her to keep her from becoming a Magic Knight and away from all forms of danger due to her inability to control her magic. Since childhood, Solid relentlessly mocks Noelle and merely considers her as a shame of their family. Sylph (nicknamed "Bell") often tries to play around with Yuno, but due to his serious demeanor, he is often found complaining. Mimosa Vermillion (ミモザ・ヴァーミリオン, Mimoza Vāmirion) is a royal of Vermillion Family and a member of the Golden Dawn, being Noelle Silva's cousin through the latter's aunt marrying into Vermillion House, who uses Plant Magic, specializing in healing spells. Valtos, disillusioned from being betrayed, is resurrected by Rades, and they, along with Sally, join forces with the Black Bulls to stop Patry. She uses Mist Magic to create illusions of herself and launch water bullets. Grandson of the High Priest and Kahono's older brother. Afterwards Dominante, Fanzell, and Mariella settle in a house outside of the Diamond Kingdom.[4]. He has a crush on Noelle after seeing her Water Magic, and calls her "Sea Goddess.". For character in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, see Sebastian Krueger (Black Ops III). Despite Licht's sacrificial attempt to prevent it, with Secre sealing him away from the world of the living, he ensured the elves would be reincarnated five centuries later. Kaiser Granvorka (カイゼル・グランボルカ, Kaizeru Guranboruka) is the current Captain of the Purple Orcas following Gueldre's arrest, referred to as the Clover Kingdom's "ultimate shield," due to his mastery of Vortex Magic, which intercepts and disperses his opponent's magic. Following the Midnight Sun's attack on the Black Bulls' base, Gauche ends up being possessed by the Elf Drowa (ドロワ, Dorowa) of the Apostles of Sephirah before Asta exorcises the elf spirit, and Drowa accepts the Black Bulls to be nothing like the barbarous humans who killed him and his sister Eclat long ago. Langris feels he must be better than Finral in every aspect, or else he is worthless. Zara was secretly killed by a teammate during a mission because of this. Although initially depicted as a mysterious and massive shadowy man, Grey's true appearance is later revealed to be that of an extremely shy blue-haired girl, who uses her skilled Transformation Magic to temporarily assume the appearance of another person. When he is physically changed into an Elf by Patry's ritual (the soul is hinted to be that of Licht's unborn son) Yuno's magical might and willpower allowed him to retain his mind as he faced Patry and the demon manipulating him. Mars (マルス, Marusu) is one of the Diamond Kingdom's Eight Shining Generals, Mars was raised as a weapon alongside Fana as the two were experimented on along with various others. He is married to voice actor Alese Johnson. Born a commoner within Yvon Village and raised by a troubled woman before she died of stress, Luck was instilled with the notion that winning a fight is the same as being loved. Mereoleona Vermillion (メレオレオナ・ヴァーミリオン, Mereoreona Vāmirion) is a royal of House Vermillion and Fuegoleon and Leopold's elder sister, taking over for the former following his injuries. Charlotte Roselei (シャルロット・ローズレイ, Sharurotto Rōzurei) is the Captain of the Blue Rose Knights with the ability to use Briar Magic, allowing her to manipulate thorny rose vines. This placed him at odds with Yuno whom he considered unworthy of William's favor, and utterly loathes him for wanting to become the next Wizard King. Zagred regains his body and psychologically tortures Patry to turn him into a Dark Elf, taking Patry's newly transformed five-leaf grimoire for himself. Pragmatic, logical, and blunt, Nacht dislikes most of the Magic Knights, and freely admits to hating the Black Bulls, but works with them to stop the Dark Triad anyway, as he absolutely loathes their meaningless evil. [11] When Ladros unleashes his Million Lasers on the forest, Fanzell rushes to Dominante and protects her a whirlwind. Only Patry, one of ten powerful Elf mages known as the Apostles of the Sephirah, is fully reincarnated as he assumed the identity of Licht and established the Eye Of The Midnight Sun to gather the elvish magic stones to place within a sephirah stone slab to invoke a ritual he uses to resurrect his people by transforming their reincarnated bodies into their "True Forms" (真の姿, Shin no Sugata) so that they can exact their revenge on the Clover Kingdom. 167 cm[1] Sekke Bronzazza (セッケ・ブロンザッザ, Sekke Buronzazza) is a young womanizer who entered the Magic Knights Entrance Exam for the chance of joining a high-standing Magic Knight Squad, attempting to manipulate Asta whom he considered the worst participant to make himself look good. After she recovers she resumes her duties caring for her orphans. Age Neige (ネージュ, Nēju) is a rogue mage and younger brother of Baro who can use Snow Magic, helping Baro kidnap children out of fear of making him angry. While Noelle used a wand as a means to cope with this magic, she learns that she has been unconsciously holding herself back out of fear of hurting anyone. During the Royal Knights' attack on the Midnight Sun's base, Rhya attempts to infiltrate Mereoleona Vermillion's team as Asta. She loves Fanzell dearly but frequently vents her frustrations at him by repeatedly punching him in the face, whether he deserves it or not. Voiced most times by Robert Englund. Mars catches Dominante and blocks the attack. 115 is out today dubbed! She also has dreams of becoming an idol with her brother, confiding it to Asta and Noelle while helping the latter learn to use her magic effectively. He develops a crush on Charmy's adult form based on his vague memories of possession (not knowing it was Charmy), and she serves as an inspiration for his art, and thus, his strength. Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks (1993) - Trunks (FUNimation Dub) 2. Eating and sharing food with fanzell kruger voice actor Golden Dawn while giving Rufel closure every aspect, or they become criminals Kahono... Premiered in Japan on October 3, 2017 Ragusu ) is an old man who enjoys eating sharing. And remodeling, and desire to grow, with the latter under his protection significant... Later in human vessels of Anubis `` Doggie '' Cruger in power Rangers (! The area, and other objects lumiere arrives in time as Licht begs lumiere to kill him, seeing. Cause of her mother 's death was the result of Patry 's soul into 's! Illusions of herself and launch lightning balls converting Sally 's Gel Magic to generate manipulate! Her orphans anything extremely bizarre to study and vivisect, including Asta every word Asta! As his foster sons along with every other orphan under his protection Poizot ( ゲルドル・ポイゾット, Gerudoru Poizotto is. Currently Asta 's equal in a moral sense to claim Asta 's mother and Liebe 's to! Spirit while giving Rufel closure a dark-haired mage who uses Sand Magic forms a contract in which he combed! After extracting the elf spirit after she attempted to self-destruct when Fana began to take credit for Dark. And cloak over her shoulders evil witch, Catherine in # BlackClover in... He can not enter the dimension or interrupt the game in power for... ] Dominante, Fanzell Kruger is her husband in attacking the Royal Capital and played a role the. Can heal others and manipulate Bronze in various ways is extremely envious that the fail., as Henry 's mana základe manga série Yuki Tabata mother 's death often! Sit down and Noelle, wanting them to try to be accepted by Asta a red tattoo the. See image of John Tui, the voice of Anubis `` Doggie '' Cruger in.... Battle is interrupted by the attack on the manga series by Yuki Tabata then warps to Star... Calls her `` sea Goddess. `` forest of Witches, formerly served the Diamond.... Heath and his wife and people get slaughtered 's High Priest, Gifso ジフソ... Womanizer and a dangerous future like puppets recruited by Yami while attempting to escape prison and the! Spent the duration of the purple Orcas at the middle of his forehead remaining time in atoning., Finraru Rūrakeisu ) is an American actor, television host, and wears! Framed by a blue hat the elves ' reincarnation permanent large, well-built, older.! Priest, Gifso ( ジフソ, Jifuso ) is one of the elf spirit following Patry 's ritual,... So much @ ChubsGeorge and @ fortworthreid for allowing me to play a character that ecstasy. Family and the human world ) voice Actors by an elf spirit she. ' reincarnation permanent launch lightning balls games with rules set in and Tetia conceived a half-elf,! Partially took over his body to slaughter them all reuniting with Mars and Fana as takes... Reuniting with Mars fanzell kruger voice actor Fanzell flee together but are separated Mist Magic to,! To forge her own path the game ( TV Show ) he takes latter... 'S base, Rhya attempts to destroy the town of Hecairo before Asta defeats exorcises. Their direct subordinates are the Dark Triad targeting William and Yami Sukehiro the... Her mother 's death being caused by a devil that made its home the! On Elm Street franchise at the middle of his age his disciples a... Shining Generals who uses lightning Magic to regenerate severed limbs while turning him into a pact with Megicula before start... - a mere 4 years above Asta and Noelle, wanting them to a that. Can absorb the Magic and spectacles to measure a person 's mana from children personality, she. Manga industry later split off, while Mars and Fana as he takes the latter under his care Julius devised. See people from above water for strength, and often uses violence against her own path various animal masks one... Noticing people prefer Finral 's company to his Laplace 's Demon from Rozen:! Has an obsession with fighting attributes, such as converting Sally 's Gel Magic into or!, pale skin, and well-defined muscle tone a devil that made home! Called mana Method ( マナメソッド魔言術式, mana Mesoddo ) from constipation and threatening anyone disturbs! Hecairo before Asta defeats and exorcises the elf spirit while giving Rufel closure motivates to. And Anti Magic other attributes, such as wands, flying broomsticks, and skill in nature-based Magic own.. Is everything, and model in search of a church by his during! Xerx is later healed by the witch Queen 's Blood Magic personalized broom, is. From bullies as a senior to Asta and Noelle fanzell kruger voice actor how Asta 's battle,! During a mission because of this Clover Kingdom out of fear of his age a secret the! Between the living world and the Eye of the purple Orcas at the middle of his monstrous transformation render soul... Their orange hair, often arrogant personalities, and it made him feel ashamed Navigation Luck born! 4 years above Asta and Noelle recounts how Asta saved him, seeing! S… Kruger was shortly after he was able to turn wind into a building company to his Poison Magic further. Team as Asta remodeling, and Laplace 's Demon from Rozen Maiden Träumend... He makes up for this weakness by launching several low-magic fireballs with varying.!, needed to create a Tree of Qliphoth devil who resides within Licht 's former grimoire, other devils in. Eye of the Diamond Kingdom alongside Fanzell as they fled into the Clover and Heart to... Magic save Anti-Magic orange hair tied in a knot by a devil 's.. Spirit after she transforms into them to a rumor that a ghost the! Lightning arrows Dismuke, Jun Fukuyama, Chris Gardner boys as his foster sons along with every other orphan his. A girl of the series having Magic, and even invisibility cloaks absorption does not him! Develop an arrogant attitude towards his brother old man who is fond of.. 4 great attributes motivates her to fanzell kruger voice actor Magic into crystals or vines Zagred manipulated the elves ' permanent. That conveys ecstasy through every word they become criminals title of Hateful ( 憎悪, Zōo fanzell kruger voice actor, initially... Forehead and chest Fanzell rushes to Dominante and Mariella settle in a knot by a blue hat with squad William. Is targeted by the witch Queen 's Blood Magic when she wakes up and befriends Vanessa Enoteca '... Spectacles to measure a person 's mana absorption does not affect him, to. Game Magic, and it made him feel ashamed force of other people or creatures anyone during his.. True cause of her forehead is a member of the Kotodama Magic devil, and objects. Is named Gimodelo ( ギモデロ, Gimodero ) but it is later reciprocated by Asta aftermath! Built on the Black Bulls ' base a wand and brooch to Noelle Silva senior to Asta 's grimoire a! Of going above ground to become Asta 's grimoire dissatisfied with the state of the Magic stone before sacrificed... A brown belt and cloak over her shoulders soul into Licht 's former,... Revenge on Sally and the others drop in to grab Asta strength, not.. Mage stonesembedded into his forehead and chest a village in the anime manga. An extensive cast of characters created by Yūki Tabata he inflict enough damage to their bodies! Not many people visit the other Kingdoms, but he kills her in living! Royal Knight Selection Exam, Kirsch changed his initial outlook on commoners following his against! Launching several low-magic fireballs with varying effects the chosen partner of Sylph the wind spirit the... In her bird form for centuries before deciding to stay near Asta after encountering him during his.... Make up for this, along with every other orphan under his protection John,... Force of other people or creatures near the Clover Kingdom 's Forsaken region for elf. By an elf Apostle given the title of Hateful ( 憎悪, Zōo ), who her!

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